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Baby boomer skin: How to stop “looking older” with aesthetic dermatology

Baby boomers are asking: how do I take care of my skin? How do I keep my “good looks” with our looking “plastic?” Take a look at this interview:

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Younger hands for men using Radiesse and Laser

It is a fact of life that we age- and “we” includes men too! Many men want to restore the “young and strong” look of their hands, which is replaced by fragile skin, hollow prominent tendinous look with many brown spots, as the years go by. The treatment is simple, comfortable and effective. Combination of more »

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Naturally sexy lips using a filler such as Restylane

Many patients want to have nicer lips but fear the “fake porn-star look!” As we get older, our lips get thinner and longer, hiding part of our natural lip inside the mouth! This aging process can be reversed, naturally to make you look more like yourself again – and not fake. Take a look!

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Goodbye to Brown Spots on my Hands: Chemical peels on the Hands

Many beautiful women ask me, “What about the brown spots on my hands?” So there are two main treatments for this: Laser or chemical peels. The chemical peel has as its contents products that can both lift the brown pigment through exfoliation, but also improve the health of the DNA damaged skin. Check out this more »

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Quick Acne treatment: Acne injections

Everyone has experienced it: the big juicy pimple that takes too long to heal! It can be painful, unsightly and even leave a scar behind as it heals. Fortunately, a tiny needle can deliver small amounts of an anti-inflammatory cortisone into the lesion and help eliminate it and prevent scarring. The medicine stays in the more »

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Younger Fuller Hands – Instantly!

We all work hard on our faces to look our best, yet our hands can give our age away! Years of sun exposure and hard work, as well as the natural aging process, can render the hands skinny and old. The tendons become prominent because of the loss of surrounding soft tissue. Now, with a more »

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Beauty Do’s and Don’ts for the Beautifying Bride!

Do 1. sched a dermatology consultation as soon as you get engaged. It takes sometimes several months to get results and we want to have time on your side 2. Get a great skin regiment that includes exfoliation of dead skin with prescription retinoid creams (vitamin A), sunscreens and anti-aging products 3. Get a chemical more »

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Ethnic Hair and Skin

Beautiful hair starts with healthy hair – and scalp! There is so much misinformation, even among doctors who are not trained in dermatology!   There are certain hair conditions that are more common among African Americans. These are medical hair disorders that if diagnosed can be treated early and prevent permanent scarring..   One of more »

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Non-itchy mystery rash leads to life-saving diagnosis!

There are moments in every doctor’s life where you just feel so gratified, because you have done exactly what you set out to devote your career to do: save a life! A gentleman was forced to see me by his wife for a spot on his face that was growing. He initially declined a full more »

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Tips on how to keep hair from turning green from swimming pools

We always have been told that our hair, especially the pretty highlights, will turn green because of chlorine in the swimming pools. The fact is that it is due to copper oxide and copper sulfate in the water! These ions are present in trace amounts but because of their positive charge they can easily penetrate more »

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I had rosacea that caused redness and broken vessels on my face. Dr. Kormeili addressed all of my concerns and set about fixing the redness. I was super excited after my first laser treatment as the improvement was immediately noticeable. The second laser treatment made me look and feel amazing...

~N.F., La Habra

I had really bad psoriasis on my scalp that flaked all over my clothes, and it was so embarrassing to sit on board meetings in a black suite with white flakes. My entire attention was on my flakes, and worried what people were thinking when they looked at me, or got close to me at work...

~J.A. Los Angeles

Dr. Kormeili is the BEST!! I have a horrible phobia of needles and she calmed my nerves and had an extremely gentle touch. Painless office visit!

~C.E. Los Angeles

Whereever Dr. Kormeili goes, my mom and I follow her. I highly recommend her. My visits are always a great experience.

~M. I., Santa Monica

I started seeing the sad signs of aging. I come all the way from Italy, 3 times a year to get Botox, fillers… and of course my VI Peels. I have seen a huge difference. Dr. Kormeili is the best! I love her!!!

~M. I., Italy

I had multiple warts on my hands and legs for the past 5 years. It was just something I learned to live with. I moved so sunny Los Angeles and decided it was time to take care of this embarrassing problem. I had appt’s with a few dermatologists, but once I found Dr. Kormeili I knew I wanted her to treat me...

~M.L., Los Angeles

Excellent. Office staff are kind and barely any wait time. Easy to make appointments and amazing friendly/intelligent dermatologist!

~M. L., Santa Monica

Dr. Kormeili is a remarkable person and an amazing doctor. She’s exact, focused and thorough, and treats you like one of the family. The results of my treatments were beyond my expectations.

~C.S., Santa Monica

I had sun damaged skin with several sun spots on my face. My entire attention was on my face, and I worried what people were thinking when they looked at me. I’m a vice president in banking and image is very important especially in the leadership role I am in. I saw Dr. Kormeili 4 months ago...

~M.M., Torrence

I absolutely love this Dr. She is so honest. My skin looks great and I feel so happy with her service and recommendations.

~M.M. Santa Monica

I was working a lot and very stressed out. One day I looked up in the mirror and I had look like I had aged about 10 years and as a woman we like to stay looking young. So a friend referred me to Dr. Kormeili for a little Botox and fillers. She was great! She took care of everything that was bothering me and then some...

~D.E., Whittier

How can someone be sad around Dr. Kormeili? She is a burst of sunshine but most of all she cares about her patients. Dr. Kormeili knew and worked on my husband before he recently passed away. He would rave about her care and skill when he had work on his face done by her. I went to Dr. Kormeili after my husband passed away...

~S.L. Los Angeles

I started seeing the sad signs of aging. I come all the way from Italy, 3 times a year to get Botox, fillers… and of course my VI Peels. I have seen a huge difference. Dr. Kormeili is the best! I love her!!!

~M. I., Italy

I had been taking antibiotic medicines for over 2 years to help control my acne; once I was prescribed Accutane in less than 3 months my face was completely gone. Of course before taking Accutane I was constantly aware of my skin, always trying to find ways to hide it and sometimes it got so hard I didn’t even want to go to school....

~C.J., Los Angeles

SHE IS THE BEST! Considerate, compassionate and thoroughly professional.

~V.L. Santa Monica

Sexual intercourse is such an integral part of a happy marriage. After months of “grin and bear it” with vaginal irritation, I mentioned my problem of having intercourse to my primary care doctor and then to my OBGYN. The good news was that the biopsy was not cancerous, however the bad news was that it was lichen...

~-- (Anonymous)

I started seeing the sad signs of aging. I come all the way from Italy, 3 times a year to get Botox, fillers… and of course my VI Peels. I have seen a huge difference. Dr. Kormeili is the best! I love her!!!

~M. I., Italy

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