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Gratitude During COVID Pandemic
COVID Kindness And Compassion As infectious as the COVID-19 virus has been, kindness and compassion are even more contagious. You can spread kindness and compassion without a touch, a word, or even knowing the other person. We are all being challenged in significant ways. No one is experiencing this pandemic alone, though the social isolation can make it seem otherwise. We can all extend each other a little bit more compassion and kindness. Perhaps thanking
These COVID dermatology tips are created by a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Tanya Kormeili to help keep you and your loved ones safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope you enjoy these tips and they help take away some of the stress of going grocery shopping. To make sure you don’t touch anything unknowingly, online dermatologist Dr. Kormeili suggests using surgical hands! How To Use Surgical Hands Hold your hands in the prayer position. Then interlock your
Virtual dermatology in California has become increasingly popular. Now, it’s easy, convenient and affordable to see a board-certified dermatologist online without having to leave home or work.  Benefits of Virtual Dermatology Virtual dermatology is an online dermatologist has many benefits which include: Gaining access to a board-certified dermatologist without travel. Convenient, you can schedule your virtual dermatology visit or telederm visit so that it fits in your schedule. It’s great for quick follow ups like
We wanted to come up with COVID tips to keep you safe. Much like you keeping our families and loved ones safe, is our top priority. Unfortunately, the current testing for COVID-19 has a false negative rate of 30%. That means in 30% of the times, you can be testing negative but be infectious to others! Therefore, we need social distancing. What if I am having respiratory symptoms? Do not panic. Do not rush into any

Why CoolSculpting is the Treatment for You!

Posted by DLM_admin on  March 9, 2020

Category: CoolSculpting
Dissatisfaction with the appearance of your figure can be incredibly frustrating. If you want to revamp your body by contouring it and getting rid of stubborn fat, all hope isn’t lost. If exercise and dietary adjustments are doing nothing for your body, then you can turn to CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting, in brief, is an aesthetic procedure that involves the freezing of unwanted fat on the body. The treatment functions by freezing fat cells. CoolSculpting utilizes temperatures