VIP Service: 5 Steps To Being VIP At The Doctor’s Office

We hear so often people wanting to get “celebrity VIP medical care – like the rich and famous!” But, do celebs with lots of money have better outcomes, or just pay more? In this article, Dr. Kormeili provides tips on how to get VIP service at the doctor’s office.

Here is the skinny on being a doctor in the modern world:

We are being pushed in every direction – and it can become a bit stressful! Between trying to work with health insurance companies, the changes in medical record keeping, medication denial notices faxed back from the pharmacy, the increasing cost and details of running a successful practice, and various other “headaches” encountered daily, chances are your doctor really needs a doctor too!

So, how can you make yourself stand out among the other patients, papers, faxes and the daily grind of medicine? How do you get someone to care about your well-being, even if you are not financing a new wing in a hospital?

Dr. Kormeili owes these tips mostly to her grandparents, who really knew the secrets to getting VIP service at every doctor’s visit.  Below are their time-proven, patent-pending, simple secrets to being treated like gold at your next medical appointment.

5 Tips To Get VIP Service At The Dermatologist

Be nice!

Yes. You think that is so common sense. However, you would be surprised!  You’ve got the busy life, the expensive insurance coverage, the boss, the family, and of course, the burden of your health issues. It’s all stressful indeed. However, a simple smile, and proper etiquette can win you big points in the office.

Pleasant people stand out and the staff and doctors can’t wait to help you next! Don’t just no-show to your appointments, become condescending in your tone when trying to address a problem, or be irresponsible in your financial obligations to the practice. The staff never forget who brought in homemade cookies, who offered to be flexible with them during scheduling, and who made them feel “special”.

Ask people “How are you?” right back!

Dr. Kormeili is always so touched when someone realizes that in addition to being their loving doctor, she is a human being too! A simple kindness like asking how someone else in the office is servers as a simple but important step to making the relationship more personal. Plus, it’s a great feeling for a doctor to know you’re happy to see us again. We enjoy creating relationships with patients, so meet us there!

Give compliments

Sincere ones, of course! If someone in the office (doctor or staff) has done something right, acknowledge it.  We will never tire of hearing “Your office staff is so nice!”  If a practice knows you enjoy being there and working with them, it’s natural to be treated like the VIP you are.

Demonstrate gratitude! 

In any relationship in life, we always say “you can pay someone to take care of you, but you can never pay someone to care!” This is true of doctors as well. When you show your kind and sweet side, you will often find that you get more compassionate medical care right back.

If things are going well for you, gratitude and “thank you’s” go such a long way. When our patients have a huge smile, ear to ear, and say “Thank you so much, I love my skin!” We feel so great inside! We know we’ve made a difference in someone’s life. It gives us a sense of warmth, pride and satisfaction, unlike any other. We want to give that patient even more VIP service.

Give us your vote of confidence!

We all have friends, colleagues, family and loved ones that we care very much about. In fact, we are often more protective of them than ourselves. When a patient refers someone else they care about to me, we feel their vote of confidence in our office. We feel that we touched their lives, and they want me to give them more of myself by involving other people they care about.

As the patient network grows, we never forget who had faith in our services and supported our membership in the community. Dr. Kormeili loves being the official dermatologist to a wedding, for example treating three generations of women for the same party.

Nothing means more to her than doing a preventive skin cancer screening on all the siblings of someone who has a melanoma treated in the office.  In those situations, you stand out as the caring central person who links that network together. Since many people are too busy in their own lives to worry about others, we notice when you put others first, and we respect and admire people who look out for other people’s health.

Moral Of The Story

In short, getting VIP service isn’t about being a celebrity – too many fallen celebrities have demonstrated the dangers of celebrity medical care!  Great, personalized, VIP medical care, is not about being rich in the wallet, but rich in the heart! They key is in remembering that doctor-patient relationships are a two-way street.

Dr. Kormeili’s grandparents taught her one of the most important lessons she can share with you: they always treated everyone who took care of them with respect, kindness and a big smile, and for this reason they were VIP when they went. They taught Dr. Kormeili how to be a better patient when she goes to the doctor!  Even as a doctor now, this is a lesson Dr. Kormeili will never forget.

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