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Freckles Treatment Santa Monica CA

Some people love freckles, other people don’t. Freckles on the face, neck and hands are usually harmless but it can be difficult to cover them up with makeup.

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So what causes freckles? And, what are good freckles treatment?

Freckles represent deposits of pigment upper layer of the skin in response to UV damage. Freckle treatment usually involves laser treatments, but chemical peels can also help with freckles. Dr. Tanya Kormeili will evaluate your skin and see which will be the best freckle removal strategy for you.

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The most famous “freckles treatment laser” is the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). Freckle removal using lasers works by targeting the melanin in your skin. All Freckles treatments involve removing the pigment from the skin by breaking it up into small particles (if by laser) or exfoliating it off (if using chemical peels).

As part of your freckles treatment protocol, Dr. Tanya Kormeili may suggest you use various retinoids creams to help both the health and beauty of the skin, in addition to the freckles laser treatment or chemical peels. Retinoids are known to reverse sun damage, help build new collagen and exfoliate the UV damaged skin. Other prescription compounds can be used along with retinoids to further treat and reverse sun damage. From topical chemotherapy creams to bleaching creams, Dr. Tanya Kormeili can individualize your freckles treatment plan.

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