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Male Facelift Santa Monica CA

Any well-defined masculine feature makes a man’s face more attractive. Dr. Kormeili specializes in creating harmony between the various features that make up an entire face. Whether we are treating one area or doing a more through approach of sculpting your face, it must look masculine and natural. This is where art meats science in the hands of Dr. Kormeili as she has perfected the art of male facial sculpting non-surgically!

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So, what makes a face masculine?

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The Perfect Male Face

  • Men’s faces appear to be more squared (vs. rounder features in women).
  • Men tend to have sharper features.
  • Men tend have stronger, more defined jawlines.
  • Men tend to have heavier brow ridges.
  • Men’s eye sockets are further apart, proportionally and temples are very square.
  • Men’s lips are less full, thinner, wide, and cushioned.
  • Men’s cheekbones are less prominent centrally and have sharper angles (vs round female contours).
  • Men have facially strong straight lines.
  • Men tend to have very lean faces that defines their jaw and chin, elongating the neck.
  • Men tend to have longer faces.

Modern day scientists at Duke University did a study that found that CEOs with stronger facial features are seen as more “competent.” A study that looked at voting preferences noted that voters preferred leaders with more masculine features in wartime as it symbolized superiority and strength. Even in comic books, power players are portrayed with a square jaw suggests power.

Male Facelift Santa Monica

So how can we create a strong well-defined jaw, protruding chiseled cheek bones, and a masculine chin? And how can we do it avoiding surgery? By getting a consultation done with Dr. Kormeili, she can create a personalized treatment plan. During your assessment, Dr. Kormeili will note your concerns and wishes for improvement and change. As you are speaking, she will be taking mental notes on how you recruit various muscles and anatomical features of your face to create your set of expression lines. She is evaluating for signs of aging from all angles not just the one you are seeing in the mirror. During the exam, she will show you various anatomical changes that have created a more aged appearance. You are encouraged to bring a photo of your younger years, or features you like to create. Your exam will include a detail plan of various technologies that will be combined to create the ideal masculine sculpted face.

She will look for specific highlight features you have that define your natural good looks, and work with you to heighten those features and showcase them in a natural, youthful manner. Using the global big-picture view, we will help you gradually transform your features to your new desired results.

Natural results with male facial sculpting require adding definition, creating symmetry, and perfecting the lines that define the male face. In effect, it is a systematic and artistic approach of layering the various technologies to create the male sculpted face.

Here are some examples of treatments that can bring balance to facial features, and create harmony of all aspects of the face and neck:

Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation Santa Monica CA

In men, the chin should protrude about slightly more than 3 millimeters than the tip of the nose to appear as a “strong male chin.” Dr. Kormeili specializes in nonsurgical chin augmentation to create the perfect profile in a male face. This is done with the use of injectable dermal fillers.

Face and Neck Slimming

Accumulation of excess fat around the neck that causes the appearance of a double chin and a fat round face. A youthful-appearing face is full on top and sculpted at the lower margins, Dr. Kormeili can eliminate fat from the lower face and slim the neck.

Dr. Kormeili also specializes in contouring the neck and jaw using fillers and neuromodulators. Using this combination, Dr. Kormeili can fix the fullness of the lower face and correct the fat that has descended! This creates sharper chiseled angles for the face and neck. Additionally, Dr. Kormeili uses targeted Botox injections into the overdeveloped masseter muscles. When these muscles are relaxed, the lower face appears slimmer and sculpted. Do not worry! You will remain fully functional, and able to make all your natural facial expressions!

Sculpted Jawline (Male Jaw Augmentation)

As a man ages, the mandible bone (jawbone) gets smaller, while the chin recedes back into the face. This makes the neck “blend” into the face and lose its sharp angles. By augmenting the jaw with fillers, you can create a slimmer facial profile. Male jawline fillers are an area of expertise for Dr. Kormeili. Jawline contouring requires precision and knowledge of male features. Jawline contouring can be combined with CoolSculpting for additional effect, in what we call a complete Nonsurgical jawline contouring. Male jawline enhancement is quick and painless, with results that are immediately seen.

Facial Hollows

As we age, we lose fat and bone from the face. This creates a hollowing in the cheeks, under the eyes, and in the temples. The hollowing ruins the sharp sculpted features that are attractive on a man. Male filler injections are Dr. Kormeili’ s forte! She has perfected the art of placing fillers so that the face is lifted and rejuvenated without ever picking up a scalpel!

Chiseled Cheeks

Cheek augmentation Santa Monica CA

Chiseled cheeks in men are associated with strength and power. Male cheek filler technique is different than women. Dr. Kormeili specifically places various layers of fillers to re-create the bone and cheeks on a man’s face. This creates a natural nonsurgical facelift that is subtle but profound.

There is no single approach to male facial sculpting. The key is using the right combination for each man to add and subtract along the various facial angles and planes to create a more youthful appearance, while maintaining normal function. Make your appointment today so we can discuss your goals.

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