EmSella For Men

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Emsella for Men Santa Monica CA

EmSella for men has been proven effective for men suffering with fecal incontinence or prostate issues. EmSella for men can also help increase sexual satisfaction and improve orgasmic experiences with more forceful ejaculation. EmSella for men is a non-invasive solution that helps strengthen the weak pelvic muscles hence improve male incontinence.

How EmSella For Men Works

The EmSella treatment is as easy as sitting on a chair! In fact, it has a chair like design and using HIFEM (high intensity focused electromagnetic) technology to restore neuromuscular control and deeply stimulate the pelvic floor muscles.

It is believed that strengthening the pelvic floor will increase the intensity and duration of a man’s orgasm.

Some men can see improvement after a single session, however research has found that 4-6 sessions are necessary for the improvement of continence and ejaculation.

Kegels For Men

Each session creates thousands of supra-maximal pelvic floor muscle contractions, which is comparable to thousands of kegel exercises. There is no pain or downtime with the EmSella treatment, so you can walk out immediately after and resume your normal activities.

In order for Kegel exercises to be effective, you have to do them often and they have to be done correctly. The EmSella technology takes the guess work out of it so you receive stronger contractions with minimal effort.


Is EmSella FDA approved?

EmSella is a totally non-invasive and FDA-approved option driven by the HIFEM technology. It’s based on high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) that rehabs muscles in the areas of the pelvic floor, adding health and better function of the pelvic area.

Who Is The Right Candidate For BTL EmSella?

Men and Women who want improved blood flow and function of the pelvic area without surgery, anesthesia or invasive means.

How Long Is The Treatment? How Many Sessions Do I Need?

Each session will last 30 minutes, and on average most patients will need 6 treatments total, scheduled twice a week (for three weeks). Some patients benefit from additional treatments based on their anatomy and physiology.

What Does The Procedure Feel Like? Is It Painful?

You will experience powerful contractions in the pelvic floor with tingling. Imaging squeezing down there over and over with high intensity.

How Fast Will I See Results?

Because EmSella rehabs your own pelvic floor, you need time for the body to strengthen the muscles in response to the treatment. Some patients begin to note some improvement with one session, while others see their gains after the third week. Each individuals’ body is different, as are the results.