5 Dermatology Tips To Make The Most Of Your Dermatology Visits

Are you looking for ways to make the most of your dermatology visits? Dr. Kormeili provides 5 dermatology tips to help you get the most of your visit to the dermatologist.

We get it, your time and money is valuable. Here are some tips to help you get the most of your appointments.

5 Dermatology Tips

Make a list.

Make a list of your medical concerns and hand it to the doctor at the beginning of the appointment. This gives your dermatologist the chance to make sure all your concerns are handled, or make appropriate follow-ups if they are complex subjects. Example list:  “Dry hands, Mole on right breast, Dark spots my face”

Don’t wait until the end of your visit with the doctor to ask all your “difficult questions”.

Ask them up front, and use the bulk of the appointment time to address the issues that matter to you the most. It puts you in control. Here is an example of how you can assert yourself: “I have a few things on my mind today, but the MOST important thing I want to get addressed today is this horrible rash.”

Create a medical “resume”

Write a list of your medications, allergies, and medical history one a sheet of paper. This way, your doctor can see everything about you, and this improves the communication and efficiency of your appointment instantly!  For example: If you have had two skin cancers, make sure to include: ” i. Basal cell skin cancer – R chest – surgery- 3/12/1980,  ii.  Squamous cell skin cancer- R lip – Mohs surgery – 9/16/2002″

  • If you have had acne for a long time, including what has or not has worked: ” i. Doxycycline – 2005 – 6 months – did not work – got stomach upset;  ii. Retin-A – 2004- worked but makes me dry”


It is totally fine if you do not agree with the treatment plan suggested, or have serious reservations about a procedure. Be open with your feedback and the doctor can discuss alternative options, or why there are no alternatives for that particular condition.

If you have a spot you want looked at, unveil it!

If a doctor walks in and sees you have one shoe off, we know there is a concern you have there, and it is less likely to be forgotten or dismissed when a conversation begins. Preparing to show the parts of your body that concern you help put you in the driver’s seat, drawing attention to your concerns for that appointment.

Be generous with your feedback.

We can not tell you how important this is! All doctors are pretty much perfectionists: We want to get it all perfect with every patient, every time. Your feedback, both as to what works well for you, or what is not working for you, helps us give you the care you deserve.

We truly want to give you excellent care and results vary from individual to individual. For example, you could say, “I really liked the way you did my Botox last time, can we do it the same way?” Or, “I really felt a little rushed last appointment and wanted to make sure I get my questions answered today. Can we talk about those concerns first?”

Complaining to your spouse or friends after the appointment is over does not help rectify your situation. Talk to your doctor to make sure your issues are being addressed at the time of the visit.

Dish the dirt!

We know it is hard to confess to some of the less flattering things we have done to our bodies, however, a thorough history is important in order for a doctor to be able to provide you with great medical care. Even if you have engaged in risky behaviors or have done something you fear we might not approve of. We have heard it all!  We have no interest in judging you, we are committed to caring for you, and we do our best when you are at your most honest!

Also, see this list of 10 Things You Should NOT Do To Your Skin! Again, we don’t judge, we just want to help you get the best results possible.

Hopefully, you found these dermatology tips helpful. We look forward to helping you with your medical and cosmetic skin needs. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

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