6 Health And Beauty Myths Unveiled: Save Time, Money And Disappointment!

Watching T.V., reading magazines, or going to beauty beauty stores, Dr. Kormeili is always SHOCKED at the claims made by so many companies! So many health and beauty myths out there.

It kills her to this that in this economy, hard-working Americans are being taken advantage of by such false advertising; our dreams of looking out best is being exploited by someone’s dreams of being rich from exploiting our insecurities and hopes for self-improvement. Yuck!

There is so much inaccurate information and myths about health and beauty, it’s hard to know what to believe. So here are 5 myths shed by Dr. Kormeili.

5 Myths About Healthy Beautiful Skin

Health and Beauty Myths #1

Topical creams flatten the love handles, diminish belly fat and help us lose inches.

Fact: Inches around your wallet – yes, but your belly? Not so much! No cream, lotion or potion can be applied to the skin that can do such a thing! In fact, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission is taking action against the manufacturers claiming they can flatten your tummy. So, if you want, report them! Coolscultping works a little differently, to learn more click here.

Health and Beauty Myths # 2

Creams have to cost a fortune to be “superior”.

Fact: Some ingredients are actually expensive, that is true! But, be aware that what can really make a product expensive is the cost of the bottles, the labels, the marketing campaign and of course, the salary of the salesperson selling you the product. Dr. Kormeili always looks for active ingredients to see if there is anything “special” in a product vs. it just “feels good.” She tells her patients to spend their money on what really works!

Health and Beauty Myths # 3

A cream can get rid of cellulite.

Fact: The latest research on cellulite has demonstrated anatomical differences between the deep tissue structures in men and women, explaining why women are getting more cellulite than men. Without getting too technical, we have under the skin a supporting “netlike” structure that holds together our tissue. The ones women have are more like “fishnets” and through the little openings tissue can herniate through, causing the appearance of cellulite. Men on the other hand, have a more uniform and solid mesh-like structure and there is little chance for herniation and the formation of cellulite. These structures are very deep and no cream can dissolve and remove cellulite from the body.

Health and Beauty Myths # 4

Natural or organic ingredients are safer and more effective.

Fact: Natural is great. However, organic and natural products also have side effects. Consider poisonous mushrooms or opium that are both naturally occurring organic products. If anything has an “effect” it can very well have a “side effect.” The problem is that many times such products have not been studied enough or we do not know what those side effects, alone or when combined with prescription products, might be. So, be careful, since many naturally occurring products can make you more sensitive to the sun, causing discoloration and burning.

Health and Beauty Myths # 5

If it is on the shelf and is “clinically proven” it is safe and effective. “Clinically proven” means the product has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Fact: There is a difference between clinically proven and FDA approved! Anyone can have a few people use their product, and share the results of what they did as clinical data. You can even twist the data to make it favorable to say, “Clinically proven.” Many cosmetics do not ever go through the FDA’s intensive review and approval process. They are not mandated to do so! Be careful! In addition to not working well, they can be harmful!

We hope you enjoyed reading the facts about these popular skin myths. Learn more about ways to improve the health of your skin.

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