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What is EmSella treatment?

EmSella is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment for stress or urges urinary incontinence in both men and women. Because of pregnancy and childbirth, women experience more stress on the pelvic floor muscles earlier in life. In fact, according to the American Urological Association, an estimated 30-50 percent of females experience significant urinary incontinence, which only gets worse with age. According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, over the next 30 years, more than 40 million American women will experience urinary incontinence.

How does the EmSella chair work?

EmSella is a game-changer in the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor for men and women. Using High-intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology (HIFEM), EmSella creates thousands of muscle contractions in the pelvic floor. You sit comfortably in a chair with all your clothes on!  EmSella is essentially a chair that you sit on for about 30 minutes per session or a total of six sessions. You are asked to sit, read magazines, watch movies, or do work in your own private room, while the chair works its magic! This increases the health and function of the organs of the pelvis!

It is no wonder that men and women are both excited about the improved blood flow and function of their pelvic area with this non-invasive powerful treatment.

EmSella Clinical data:

Clinical research shows 95 percent of EmSella-treated patients reported significant improvement in their quality of life.  More than two-thirds report becoming dry or using significantly fewer pads.

EmSella Features:

  1. Non-invasive
  2. Backed by science
  3. Treats the entire pelvic floor
  4. Effective: 95% patient satisfaction
  5. You remain fully clothed
  6. No anesthesia
  7. No ionizing radiation
  8. No implanted parts
  9. No down-time
  10. Safe for all skin types
  11. Safe in men and women
  12. Efficient with only 30 minutes of treatment time
  13. Non-thermal

Who is not a candidate for EmSella treatment?

  • Not suitable for patients with metal implants
  • Not suitable for women with metal IUDs

EmSella FAQs

Men and Women who want improved blood flow and function of the pelvic area without surgery, anesthesia or invasive means.

Each session will last 30 minutes, and on average most patients will need 6 treatments total, scheduled twice a week (for three weeks). Some patients benefit from additional treatments based on their anatomy and physiology.

You will experience powerful contractions in the pelvic floor with tingling. Imaging squeezing down there over and over with high intensity.


Because EmSella rehabs your own pelvic floor, you need time for the body to strengthen the muscles in response to the treatment. Some patients begin to note some improvement with one session, while others see their gains after the third week. Each individuals' body is different, as are the results.

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