Alopecia Areata (AA)

Alopecia Areata is a type of hair loss that usually appears as a round bald spot with no other symptoms. It is also known as spot baldness. This may occur on the head or other areas of the body.

The condition occurs in both males and females and people of all ethnic backgrounds. This condition usually appears in children and adults under the age of twenty.

Types Of Alopecia Areata

  • Patchy — Here we have the most common form, and looks like coin-sized patches of hair loss on the scalp or other body parts.
  • Total — The results in losing all the hair on the scalp.
  • Universalis — This type of condition results in losing ALL of the hair on the scalp, face, and body.

It is understandable that most patients who get alopecia areata complain of emotional stress in their lives (i.e. they may feel unattractive).  Bald patches of alopecia areata can be a cosmetic concern to patients, even though they are not painful or no other symptoms are present.

Treatment Options

The good news is that there is no scarring or permanent damage to the hair follicles.

When we view the hair follicles under the microscope, we can see inflammation surrounding the tiny hair follicles. This inflammation is the result of the immune system attacking the hair follicles by mistakes.

The treatment is repeated cortisone injections in the right concentration, which can help facilitate the regrowth of the hairs.

Next Steps

Dr. Kormeili will carefully evaluate your particular hair concerns and design a hair treatment program that is appropriate for you.  Please contact us and we will be happy to schedule an appointment.