How to combine your inner and outer beauty to get what you so deserve!

Improve Inner Beauty To Look Better On The Outside

What is inner beauty? Inner beauty refers to how you feel about yourself on the inside. It’s not just a phrase used with “ugly” people.

As a Santa Monica dermatologist, Dr Kormeili has known for years that the most beautiful women she has treated as patients radiated with a certain energy of inner beauty.

So, Dr Kormeili has outer beauty covered, but how does one create the inner beauty that makes a woman radiate and glow? Learn more about ways to combine your inner beauty and outer beauty to get the wonderful things you so deserve!

Here is an expert’s tips on that very subject. Thank you Raeeka Yaghmai, Certified Coach and Relationship Expert as well as Founder and CEO of Dating With Confidence.

We asked Raeeka to provide a few tips on how to increase inner beauty and work on self-love. After all, there is nothing sexier than confidence and self-love.

Inner Beauty Self-Love Principle #1 – Respect Yourself

It’s time to stop feeling bad about being single! Here is a different perspective: being single is a choice. Yes! A choice. You have chosen to not be with just anyone, but to be with someone who matches your values and your vision of love.

Do you want to be with the wrong person just so you can have someone? NO! Own your desires, and respect your values while being open and friendly. Self-respect means you know what you want and you are at ease with it.

Once you start respecting yourself, you will start putting that classy, respectful energy out there, and before you know it, that energy will start attracting the high quality guys with whom you want to have a relationship.

Inner Beauty Self-Love Principle #2 – Learn Your Needs

Being single offers you the perfect opportunity to get to know yourself and to become more aware of what you need from life in order to be happy.

You need to learn to take care of yourself first before you can take care of others, and it is often difficult for women to set boundaries and put their needs first when they are in a relationship. Just like on an airplane, you will be better equipped to take care of others if you put your own oxygen mask on first.

Taking care of yourself includes making your mental and physical health a priority, as well as learning how to set healthy boundaries and how to say a “loving no”. Boundaries will always lead to a healthier relationship, and high quality guys love when you give them that kind of guidance.

Inner Beauty Self-Love Principle #3 – Commit To Yourself

Ok, this one is a big one. We all want a partner who makes us a priority and commits to us. I can’t tell you how many women call me to get my support to help them find a man who commits to them.

Here’s the deal, and listen carefully, because this is very important: having a committed relationship with a committed man starts with you committing to yourself first. This means committing to what it takes to change your love life around. Look deeply at yourself and your patterns, learn which ones are not working for you, and change them into patterns that do!

Don’t wait for a guy to come and make you happy, but instead, commit to your own happiness and doing what it takes to BE happy with or without a man.

It means not giving up on your relationship dreams when the going gets tough, not beating yourself up when you slip up or fall short, and always continuing to believe that you deserve happiness and love.

Last but not least, Valentine’s day is not about the chocolate and the heart shaped cards, it’s about the way you choose to spend that day. So take yourself out on a great date, make a girls day/night out plan with your girlfriends. If they are in relationship, no worries plan it 2 days after or 2 days before.

Treat yourself the way you’d like to be treated.  Keep in mind that this might be the last Valentine’s Day you’ll ever experience as a single woman, so get out there and enjoy this love-filled month to it’s fullest.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Treat yourself like a queen, because you deserve it!

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