Mole Removal: How Are Cosmetic Moles Removed?

Curious about how to remove that ugly mole? Dr. Kormeili discusses and demonstrates cosmetic mole removal. Learn more about this cosmetic procedure.

People often ask us how they can get rid of a mole they don’t like.

In this video Dr. Kormeili will discuss the different types of mole removal and their implications for scarring, then demonstrates how it’s done!

Before we get into mole removal, let’s review a little bit of information about moles. Moles (also known as nevi), are pigmented cells that appear as small, dark spots on the skin. They can vary in color and size. Moles can appear anywhere on the body but are more likely to appear in areas of the body exposed to the sun, such as the face, arms, and legs.

Most skin moles are harmless. Some moles can become cancerous so it’s important to get regular skin checks and to be familiar with the ABCDEs of moles.

Cosmetic Mole Removal Techniques

We can remove moles for cosmetic or health reasons. We remove moles surgically, or with the use of lasers.

Surgical Mole Removal

During surgical mole removal, moles can be removed by either cutting them off or through excision of the skin are the mole.

We would determine the best technique for your mole removal based on whether it is flat or how high it’s raised from the skin’s surface. Cutting the mole off does not require sutures. However, if the skin around the mole is cut (excision) then we would need to do sutures. The removed moles are need biopsied or studied under a microscope to rule out cancer.


With this procedure, we use liquid nitrogen to freeze the mole and destroy the abnormal tissue. Liquid nitrogen is applied topically to the affected areas.

Mole Removal By Laser

Certain lasers have wavelengths that are absorbed by the pigment of the mole. This wavelength works to destroy the abnormal tissue or mole. The laser seals off blood vessels so there is typically no bleeding after the procedure.

We would love to help you with your cosmetic mole removal. To schedule an appointment, please contact us.

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