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When you want a quick and effective beauty routine, what products should you use? Check out this neutrogena product review. Dr. Kormeili talks about her go to products and favorite skin care products (no they are not all neutrogena).


Dr. Tanya Kormeili's beauty experts products

It’s an important question, and probably one of the questions I get asked most often!  Recently Dr. Kormeili was interviewed in this article by 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic, and asked to list off her go-to products for great skin. Easy!

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

It’s no secret that she loves Neutrogena‘s products, so she started her list with them off the bat: #1 was Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes, which she described as “gentle and yet powerful”.

There is no excuse not to remove your makeup at night, ladies, especially when such a soft and deliciously scented wipe is ready to help you!

Revitalizing Lip Balm

In fact, Neutrogena made it on to Dr. Kormeili’s list twice, for their great Revitalizing Lip Balm, which is so crucial for lips, one of the most dangerous areas for skin cancer!

Beauty doesn’t have to take a ton of time, and the products you use don’t always have to break the bank. They just have to be good, and do the job right.  So thanks to Christine for the opportunity to share a few of my favorite secret weapons!

Elta MD Tinted Sunscreen

Personally, Dr. Kormeili hates that white residue other sunscreens hide behind. Dr. Kormeili uses Elta MD Tinted Sunscreen, it is tinted so it matches her skin tone, water resistant, oil free and has zinc and titanium. It doesn’t contain any chemical and has SPF 41. Best of all, it doesn’t cause acne and prevents against melasma!

Celfix DNA Ceramide Renewal Cream

With 3 active DNA repair enzymes that actually fight DNA damage in the skin. It feels great on and is not irritating to sensitive skin.

Relastin Eye Silk

A zinc firming complex, this builds elastin in the skin (everything is always about collagen) which is also important in the firming and elasiticity of the skin.

Revision Skin Care Intellishade SPF-4 Product Review

Revision Skin Care Intellishade SPF-4  is a moisturizer, make up (actually matches all skin tones) and great SPF all in one. This is especially good if you need make up for the camera such as outdoor videos/photos.

Johnson and Johnson’s Purpose Wash

So gentle it won’t burn the eyes. Even when Dr. Kormeili need to take off her artistically applied collection of eyeshadows, liner and mascara, she uses it.

Product Review: CeraVe Moisturizer

Dr. Kormeili often recommends this cream after laser treatments and chemical peels that can cause the skin to become overly dry. It is so hydrating and soothing; contains natural ceramide lipids that our skin needs to rehydrate.

Skin Medica Dermal Repair

A product review would include that this product is very hydrating, very elegant. It has a great clean scent and does not cause acne. It also provides anti-oxidant protection.

Let us know what you think of these products. For more personalized skin care product recommendations, please contact our office.

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