Incontinence After Pregnancy

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Incontinence After Pregnancy

Are you one of the millions of women suffering with urinary incontinence after pregnancy. Childbirth and pregnancy impact women differently but the majority of women experience incontinence or bladder leakage to some extend after pregnancy and child birth. Dr. Kormeili provides non-surgical urinary incontinence treatment for her mommy patients. If you have “accidents” and it’s affecting your confidence, our non-surgical device EmSella can help.

Why Does Pregnancy Cause Incontinence?

Pregnancy and childbirth result in a number of changes in your hormones and your body.

  • Your vaginal tissue become less elastic.
  • The muscles that supports both your urethra and bladder (also known as your pelvic floor), weakens.
  • The weight of the baby pressing on your bladder.


Types of Post-Natal Urinary Incontinence

  1. Urge incontinence due to an overactive bladder. This results in frequent urination during the day, night, or both.
  2. Stress incontinence due to poor closure of the bladder. This is why you leek small amounts of urine when you laugh, sneeze, cough, or exercise.
  3. Overflow incontinence due poor bladder contraction or blockage of the urethra. This is associated with the urge to urinate. This is also known as “irritable” or “overactive” bladder.
  4. Functional incontinence due to medication or medical problems that make it difficult to reach the bathroom in time.
  5. Nocturia this is when you wake up several times at night to pee.
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