Acne Injections

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There are not that many emergencies in dermatology, yet, an unsightly pimple when a patient is ready for an audition, the red carpet, their wedding or an important job interview, may seem that way!

Fortunately, we provide a quick solution to the problem of big juicy pimples! The cortisone shots provide immediate anti-inflammatory medication to the site of the problem, deep inside the follicular unit that is plugged up with acne. Within 24-48 hours there is an immediate relief of the redness, swelling and bulging of the acne lesion.

The concentration and amount of cortisone to use is very specific and critical. While using little has no effect, using too much can cause a crater (or a depression) inside the skin that can last for months. The cortisone is a prescription strength medication much more powerful than the cortisone creams found over the counter. Please note, cortisone creams over the counter can actually cause acne if used longterm, not to mention skin thinning and atrophy.

If you have an acne emergency and are looking to minimize the acne spot and prevent scarring as much as possible, this is a great solution for you.

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