Emsculpt For Men

Emsculpt is a simple, non-invasive solution that helps men achieve that coveted six-pack of abs. Let’s face it: getting in shape is harder than health and fitness gurus advertise. Following a clean diet and working out every day might not be doable for everyone. Adding these two changes into your daily routine might be next to impossible. After all, we lead busy lives. But does that mean we can’t achieve our desired physiques too?

Building muscle is a difficult endeavor. That’s why Emsculpt is designed to give your muscles a serious advantage. This wearable device uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to stimulate muscle contractions in the abdomen. These contractions invariably lead to muscle growth and definition over the next few weeks. Recent studies have shown that Emsculpt reduces fat by 19% and thickens abdominal muscle fibers by 15%.[1] 

If you would like to see the Emsculpt advantage for yourself, schedule a consultation with Dr. Tanya Kormeili at her Santa Monica offices. Here, she will tailor a treatment plan to meet each one of your aesthetic needs. To reach our front desk, call us at (310) 526-8301.

The Masculine Physique

For our hunter and gather ancestors, a man’s musculature would have been an indicator of his ability to get resources and defend against outside invaders.[2] Obviously, our world has changed since those days. These traits aren’t as essential as they were historically, but they still play an essential role in first impressions. A man’s musculature continues to be sexually dimorphic – a biological factor in rating his overall attractiveness. But what goes into the ideal masculine physique? One study found that most participants looked at a man’s abdomen before the rest of his body.[3] So, a well-defined abdomen is almost like the foundation for a strong, masculine physique. 

Building Your Core

Your core is not just those six box-shaped muscles on your abdomen. Rather, it’s a group of intricately entwined muscles that wrap around your abdomen and lower back. These muscles work in concert to help you perform a myriad of tasks from rudimentary to advanced. Before you move other parts of your body, the core stabilizes to provide support to the spine, giving your entire movement reinforcement.[4] To define these muscles, you have to focus on both muscle growth and fat loss. 

Does It Get Harder With Age?

For men to sculpt out their well-defined abdomen, all they have to do is focus on muscle growth and losing fat. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? Well, in principle, it might be – for men in their 20s and 30s. As men get older, their joints lose mobility, their skeletal muscles gradually lose their mass, and their fat storage increases[5] – especially around the abdomen. Because of their gradual loss of hormones like testosterone, men’s physiological aging processes are exacerbated. 

Building Your Glutes

We’ve all heard that you shouldn’t skip Leg Day, but keeping our upper and lower bodies symmetrical is difficult. For men, having legs that look robust is a must for the ideal physique – and don’t forget about a well-developed butt. But, contrary to popular belief, the default size of your gluteus maximus and thighs is largely determined by genetics. Building these muscles in the gym to keep up with your upper body typically feels next to impossible. That’s the exact dilemma Emsculpt is designed to fix.

How Emsculpt Works

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For decades, the aesthetics industry has focused solely on fat loss. Every latest invention or device has zeroed in on those tricky, stubborn areas of fat. While these treatments provide remarkable results, there was never a device that helped those who didn’t need fat loss – but rather muscle definition. That’s the hole in the market that Emsculpt resolves. 

Emsculpt is a non-invasive, surgical device that wraps around your belly like a belt. This device emits an extremely low-wave frequency (3-5 kHz) that contracts the muscle fibers while not absorbing into the muscle.[5] At this low frequency, the muscle fibers contract and release continually for the entire duration of an Emsculpt session. The kicker is that Emsculpt contracts your muscles 20,000 times during a 30-minute session. Guess how many sit-ups and squats are equal to 20,000 Emsculpt contractions: 20,000. Each contraction is equivalent to one repetition of an exercise. So, one Emsculpt session clearly takes your muscles further than any core workout can. 


Emsculpt not only comes with remarkable, long-lasting results, but it also comes with:
  • No recovery time
  • No incisions
  • No necessary anesthesia 
  • No long procedures

Is Emsculpt For Me?

So, now that you know what Emsculpt is, is it right for you? The first step to seeing the benefits and results of Emsculpt for yourself is to schedule a personal consultation at our Santa Monica offices. Here, we will determine if you are qualified for Emsculpt treatment.

Emsculpt is FDA approved for patients with a 30 BMI or lower. We recommend that patients be at the end of a weight-loss journey and reside at a healthy default weight. Any future weight gain will diminish results. Also, we suggest you practice improving your diet and activity levels before an Emsculpt session. Healthy eating and daily exercise will help you maintain results for a long time to come. 

Personal Consultation

If this is your first time meeting with Dr. Kormeili, we will begin with a brief new patient interview and a physical examination. We will go over your recent medical history and learn about your desired results. Then, Dr. Kormeili will explain how an Emsculpt session works and what type of results you can expect. All of this will help her construct a personalized treatment plan. This plan will include unique preparation and recovery steps tailored to your treatment goals. 

Before Emsculpt

Because it’s a non-surgical procedure, your list of preparatory steps is brief. Mostly, we ask that you come in on an empty stomach. If you have just eaten, the HIFEM waves might not feel the best. Because of this, most of our patients elect to schedule Emsculpt procedures before lunch or dinner. 

A Simple Procedure

We perform an Emsculpt session in the comfort of our private treatment room. Here, we will have you lie down on your front or back, depending on if you’re getting your abdomen or buttocks treated. Then, we will place the Emsculpt device around your target area. You can control the intensity of the HIFEM waves. You’ll feel your muscles contract rapidly but gently for the next 30 minutes. 

After Care

After your Emsculpt session, eat a nutritious diet and stay hydrated. These will give your affected muscle fibers the necessary nutrients to build back better muscle tissue. For the first few days after your treatment, your muscles will feel sore, similar to after an intense workout. However, you will still be able to go about your daily routine. 

Keeping Him Young

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On average, men undergo aesthetic services at a drastically lower rate than women. That’s partially because the aesthetics industry didn’t have men’s physical goals in mind when creating its procedures and products. But with the advent of procedures tailored to men’s desired results, there’s been a growing change in men of all ages in regards to cosmetic services. Now, men are seeking out services to restore their complexion, lose stubborn fat non-surgically, and even reverse the effects of erectile dysfunction

How Much Does Emsculpt Cost in Santa Monica?

The cost of your Emsculpt treatment will depend on the number of places you have treated and the number of sessions you choose to undergo. We’ll determine all of this during your consultation. If you like to stay updated on all the latest current events in the world of dermatology or aesthetics, check out our blog! If you would like to reach us directly, call us at (310) 526-8301.


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