Hyperpigmentation On Ethnic Skin And The Fastest Way to Clear

The Truth About Hyperpigmentation On Ethnic Skin

Our parents give us much more than great advice; they obviously impart a long genetic heritage that influences our skin chemistry. This makes us receptive to getting hyperpigmentation on ethnic skin.

Ethnic skin influences which skin treatments can really produce good or in some cases horrible outcomes.

We need to pursue with caution when dealing with ethnic skin types, even if the person looks really “white!”

Here are some tips for hyperpigmentation on ethnic skin:

Treating hyperpigmentation on African American or ethnic skin requires the right product and the right knowledge. Learn about the fastest way to clear hyperpigmentation on African American skin with help from our nationally recognized Board Certified dermatologist.

In this video, Dr. Kormeili discusses ways treatment on African American or ethnic skin can go wrong. For example, using the wrong laser can cause the cells in our body to create more pigment, this turns our skin darker. Yikes! This is why it’s important to go to a dermatologist that is qualified in treating ethnic skin.

3 Steps To Treating Hyperpigmentation On Ethnic Skin

Treating hyperpigmentation on ethnic skin is a 3 part process according to Dr. Kormeili. First, Dr. Kormeili minimizes the effects of the sun. This involves good sun protection (learn about ways to practice sun safety) and using a good SPF sunscreen.
Dr. Kormeili also discusses the importance of using natural and effective products such as kojic acid that reduces melanin in the skin.
The third component of treating hyperpigmentation on ethnic skin is gentle exfoliation. Dr. Kormeili stresses the importance of gentle, steady and effective treatments instead of harsh, fast, overnight options that don’t work.
Of course, the final step would be to practice good skin care regimen in order to maintain the results of vibrant skin.

Next Steps

It’s never too early (or too late) to start taking an active step in making sure your skin is as healthy and vibrant as possible. Learn about skin care secrets from nationally-recognized dermatologist Dr. Tanya Kormeili.

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