MedSpa Bill Signed Into Law: Greater Patient Safety Is On The Way!

The New AB 1548 Law (MedSpa Bill)

What does the new medspa bill mean for you? Today, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law AB 1548, the patient safety bill co-sponsored by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Association (ASDSA) and CalDerm.

We all hear about cosmetic disasters that have occurred as a result of inappropriate use of Botox, fillers and lasers. Countless individuals have testified at public hearings, responded to grassroots alerts, and spoken to the media about the issue.  Numerous patients have suffered from treatment complications at the hands of inadequately trained staff operating at just locations.

MedSpa Bill Enforces Regulations

AB 1548 will dramatically improve protections for California patients by cracking down on large corporate medspas and laser hair removal chains. It’s cracking down on medspas and corporate laser chains that violate the existing corporate practice of medicine. The medspa bill does this by banning the employment of “medical directors” who are absent physicians hired to create the appearance of legitimacy. These medical directors often supervise “in name only” and provide no meaningful supervision, oversight, or training.

While the Medical Board of California can revoke the license of these physicians, the corporations can get away with a small, ‘slap on the wrist’ fine. If they’re even punished at all–allowing them to continue their illegal practices. As enacted, AB 1548 (medspa bill) will increase penalties, providing the state with additional tools for enforcement.

A Victory For Board Certified Dermatologists

This is a big victory for patients who have expressed their concerns about misuse of cosmetic dermatology by untrained professionals, and for us doctors who have felt terrible at seeing these complications.

Thank you for your support and continual faith in us. We feel grateful to be a part of your lives, and to be trusted with your health decisions.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us.

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