How to Get Rid of Built Up Dirt On Skin

Don’t you hate that dirt on skin that doesn’t wash away? Chances are you have wondered at some point in your life, why is my skin looking a little “dirty?” The buildup of make-up, creams, smog, dirt and oils can take away the natural “glow” of the skin, leaving it a little dull and dry. There are many little things that can help reverse this and prevent it from getting worse.

In the following video, Dr. Kormeili, dermatologist, discusses ways to remove and prevent dirty on skin that won’t come off.

Why We Have Dirt On Skin After Showering

Sometimes our skin can look dirty after showering. The reason for this is
Getting rid of built-up dirt on your skin starts by doing makeup removal every single night. Get rid of built up dirt on your skin with help from a nationally recognized Board Certified dermatologist in this free video clip.

How To Get Rid Of Dirt On Skin

Every minute we shed about 30,000 dead skin flakes. That sounds pretty gross, right? So if you don’t wash your skin and gently exfoliate twice a week, dead skin flakes will build up. This will dry out your skin and make your complexion dull.
However, Dr. Kormeili makes a point that exfoliation should be gentle not harsh. So don’t scrub your skin with harsh chemicals as this will just cause dryness and irritation.

How To Shower Properly

Yes you read that right. Most people don’t shower correctly. If you simply turn on the water, rinse off the soap and step out, you may be doing it wrong.

Hot Showers

While long, hot showers are relaxing they can also be bad for your skin. The heat from hot water can dry out your skin and open up your pores. If your tap water is contaminated with harsh chemicals, you don’t want to open up your pores. Cold showers are another extreme without providing any skin protection. Dr. Kormeili recommends showering with warm water (not hot).

Soapy Residue

You know that shampoo or soap that’s left on your body (usually around your neck) when you step out of the shower? Most people just wipe it off with their towel. This is usually a sign that you’re not washing off all the shampoo or body wash off your skin. This left over residue that cause irritation and also also appear as dirt on skin.

Harsh Towel Drying

You jump out of the shower, usually shivering, and quickly rub a towel against your body to dry off. This friction is not good for your skin. If you don’t have time to air dry, the next best thing is too gently pat your skin dry with a clean towel. Additionally, it’s a good idea to apply moisturizing to your skin post shower to lock in moisture so your skin does not become overly dry.
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