How to Get Rid of Mottled Skin!

What Is Mottled Skin?

Mottled skin has a blotchy appearance with red or purple spots. A little bit of red, brown, white and other various shades in between creating an uneven aged appearance to our skin. It’s really not ideal!

What Causes Mottled Skin?

Various factors such as the sun, hormones, genetic factors can cause mottled skin. While you can’t control genetics we can protect skin from the sun. Check out Dr. Kormeili’s tips on sun safety or as we like to refer to it Lotion Sutra.

It is essential regardless of your age to use sun protection as it is a great way to prevent against aging skin.

Dr. Kormeili recommends that you use sunscreen everyday to avoid photoaging. It’s important to use a broad spectrum SPF that protects against both UVA and UVB.

Additionally, it is also important to use protective clothing or hats and to avoid peak sun.

How To Learn Reverse And Prevent Mottled Skin

In order to reverse mottled skin we need to understanding the basic components and treat each individual component of it. For example, all the red blotchy spots are tiny broken blood vessels under the skin. This gives you mottled skin and makes you look flushed.

At Dr. Kormeili’s office we use laser technology to treat this broken blood vessels. Don’t worry, it’s very safe. It was actually designed for use on children. In this video, Dr. Kormeili demonstrates how this laser is used.

Next, we handle the brown spots. We use a different laser to treat the brown spots. The laser can be used on the arms, the face, neck and chest. Chemical peels or chemical treatments are also helpful in treating brown spots on the skin.

Schedule a consultation to discuss treatment options for your skin. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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