How to Treat Ingrown Hair Scars

Tired of those ingrown hair scars? We so get it! We work hard to shave bikinis, underarms, and create silky legs. Then there is that ugly little ingrown that causes a permanent raised scar. Of course, men pay a price too with having to shave daily on the delicate facial skin!

Here are Dr. Kormeili’s thoughts on helping with ingrown hair scars.

Fortunately, laser hair removal allows us to safely get rid of unwanted body hair permanently. If you do have ingrown hairs from shaving or waxing, it’s important to remove them before they become infected.

Of course, removing these ugly ingrown hairs from under the skin also leaves a scar. Usually the scar is even uglier than the ingrown hair.

Now what? How do you treat the ingrown hair scars?

 Ingrown Hair Scars Treatment

One way we can treat ingrown hair scars are with chemical peels. Chemical peels remove the layers of skin with the scar tissues. The chemical peel is applied to the skin and over the next few days your skin begins to peel. You can learn more about how chemical peels are applied here. Depending on your skin tone, this may or may not be the best treatment option for you.

Another option is to use lasers to treat ingrown hair scars. Laser scar removal removes the scar tissue and resurfaces the skin. Lasers are a safe and effective way to treat in grown hair scars.

Your skin type and your skin determine which treatment option is best for you. Please consult and expert (your dermatologist) to make the right decisions. Please contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kormeili.


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