How To Win The Fight Against Acne With IPL

Are you struggling with acne scars or have persistent acne? There may be a new treatment option for you that is not only exciting but may stop all the acne issues that you are experiencing. Millions of Americans struggle with acne each day, and here at Dr. Tanya Kormeili Dermatology, we offer surgical, medical, and cosmetic treatment options to treat your acne effectively. This exciting treatment method does not only help in reducing acne, but it also reduces scars that have been caused by acne. This treatment method is known as IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).

What is IPL?

IPL is an effective and safe treatment that Dr. Tanya Kormeili performs to clear up any inflammation on your skin or active acne. This method restores your skin and can give you a youthful appearance. IPL uses a unique applicator on your skin that sends short light signals to your skin’s surface. It uses specific wavelengths of light to destroy any bacteria on your skin that causes acne. This bacterium is what causes an acne breakout by inflaming the sebaceous glands on your skin. IPL is a treatment method that has been proven to tackle acne scarring among many individuals.

Acne scarring

Acne scarring is common among many people that experience acne breakouts, and it can take different forms. It not only affects the color of your skin but its texture as well. Some people may develop red or dark spots in the areas where acne has resolved. This spots are usually persistent and do not go away easily. Other people may experience textural changes where the skin develops indentations or rolled depressions. The different types of scarring require different wavelengths of IPL energy.

The different wavelengths are used to selectively destroy the pigment cells that are causing the uneven pigmentation. This can dramatically reduce the visibility and appearance of any acne scars and create a uniform and even skin tone. IPL does not smooth out or reduce any dents or physical scarring caused by acne. However, it improves the appearance of your skin by eliminating the variations in skin tone that are caused by acne breakout. This way, your scarring is less visible, and your skin looks much better.

What does IPL treatment involve?

IPL is a non-invasive treatment procedure that only lasts between twenty and thirty minutes, making it convenient. However, this depends on the size of the area that needs to be treated. IPL is not extremely painful as all you experience is a pinprick sensation caused by the strikes of heat from the applicator. This pinprick sensation is eliminated or reduced by applying a cooling gel. This cooling gel is similar to that used in sonograms. Dr. Kormeili ensures you are comfortable during the procedure by applying this gel.

IPL usually is done over a series of three or more treatments. This depends on your treatment goals and the severity of your acne. IPL has minimal side effects that are limited to redness that lasts for a short period after the procedure. IPL is thus, a safe, non-invasive, non-abrasive, and effective procedure to eliminate recurring acne.

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