Laser skin resurfacing in Brentwood, CA

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Dr. Tanya Kormeili is an internationally recognized and sought after dermatologist who has been offering her best services to her patients in Brentwood. You can choose from a wide range of surgical, medical and cosmetic treatments at our center to help you maintain the health of your skin.

Whether you are suffering from skin problems like wrinkles, acne or rosacea or want screening for skin cancer, we offer prompt diagnosis and the needed medical supervision. Dr. Kormeili ensures that she addresses all your specific needs regardless of your skin type. To ensure this, we customize all our dermatological services to suit the unique requirements of your skin and cosmetic goals. Patients in Brentwood and surrounding areas can avail of Dr. Kormeili’s clinical expertise as well as her dedication to providing every patient with a superior experience. She has been instrumental in offering public education regarding the essential areas of dermatology. Due to her extensive experience, knowledge, and training, she is a consultant to various companies that offer the latest advancements and dermatological products.

You can benefit from the latest in all dermatology procedures including laser skin resurfacing treatments. Fraxel is a unique laser since it is non-invasive and effective giving you a tighter and smoother skin. If you have sun damage on the skin of your neck, face, and chest, we can offer you the desired skin rejuvenation. Laser skin rejuvenation procedures can also be used to get improvement in scars, fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks and age spots.

Laser treatments work by delivering energy into your skin that promotes the natural healing process of your body. New collagen is produced in the skin which results in it getting tighter and smoother. This is a fractional laser which means that the skin near the treated area remains unaffected giving you less invasive rejuvenation. Once Dr. Kormeili has evaluated your skin to understand your concerns, she will be able to combine different laser treatments to also take care of skin concerns like facial veins and dark spots.

These treatments are performed using a numbing cream so that you stay comfortable throughout your procedure. You must be prepared for at least a week of downtime where you might see slight redness and discoloration while you heal. In most cases, your final results will be visible in a few weeks. The best results from laser treatments require the expertise to understand your skin type and the depth of correction as well as the amount of energy to be used. This is why patients from all over the world seek Dr. Kormeili for their treatment.

About Brentwood, Los Angeles CA

Brentwood is an upscale neighborhood located on the Westside of Los Angeles California. The quiet neighborhood features homes in a variety of styles. Visitors can enjoy historic locations like the Brentwood County Mart, the Getty Center Museum, or the George Sturges House. Brentwood also offers a variety of dinning styles and locations including West Restaurant & Lounge, Tavern, and Compartes Chocolatier.

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