The Mask of Pregnancy: Treatment For Melasma During Pregnancy

Treatment for melasma during starts with a simple question “how do I get rid of these brown blotchy marks on my face”? Whether it is melasma during pregnancy, or melasma caused by birth-control pills, or too much sun, it is a huge pain in the “face!”

What Is The Mask Of Pregnancy?

The mask of pregnancy or melasma during pregnancy, is a skin condition that can affect everyone but it’s most often seen in pregnant women.

The melasma during pregnancy is hyper-pigmentation (or darkening of the skin). Since it usually appears on the face, near the nose and forehead, it resembles a mask.

The cause of this is actually rather sweet, your skin creates this “mask” in order to protect you from UV rays during pregnancy.

Sun protection. SPF. We cannot emphasize this enough! Many treatment options for melasma may not be considering safe during pregnancy. This is why prevention is the best option. Apply a good sunscreen. Wear a wide-brimmed hat. Avoid peek sun hours. Stay in the shade as much as possible.

Often times, melasma during pregnancy goes away on it’s own after the baby is born. If it does not clear away on it’s own. There are some treatment options to consider.

Common Treatment For Melasma:

Various creams such as kojic acid or retinoid acid can now be combined or used in addition to the above.

Laser treatments. Some patients are not good candidates and can get worse melasma relapse after few months of treatment with lasers.

Various chemical peels of different chemicals and percentages can help fade away melasma and restore the glow of the skin.

A good consultation can help you get rid of melasma and bring back the clear skin you were destined to have!

Please call Dr. Kormeili to discuss your options for the treatment of melasma.