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Fraxel Laser Therapy

Fractional Laser Resurfacing

Fraxel is a unique laser because it has the ability to rejuvenate the skin in a non-invasive (vs old CO2 laser), effective fashion with minimal downtime to produce smoother skin and tighter skin. Fraxel can be an ideal treatment for skin rejuvenation of the sun damaged skin on the face, neck, and chest. In addition to skin rejuvenation, it can be used to improve scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles and age spots, a lot of goals in laser resurfacing technology.

By placing tiny columns of energy into the skin, the Fraxel promotes the body’s natural healing response and development of new collagen to produce smoother skin, and tighter skin. The Fraxel laser is used fractionally treating a patient’s skin in specific areas, while leaving some skin unaffected nearby, allowing for an easier and less invasive rejuvenation.

The net result is tighter skin, smoother skin, and more radiant skin. Fraxel laser therapy is the treatment of choice for treatment of enlarged pores or acne scars. Fraxel can also be combined with laser treatment for face dark spots, age spots or facial veins.

Treatment with the Fraxel laser begins by first using a numbing cream to make the procedure comfortable. Generally, three treatments are needed for great results. Because the process requires new collagen to form, maximum results take a few weeks to show. After each treatment, there is about a 1 week period of “downtime” where a patient may experience slight redness and discoloration in the skin while the skin is undergoing this healing and rejuvenation.

Fraxel laser therapy, especially when combined with laser treatment for face dark spots or facial veins, does require expertise. The settings of Fraxel are calibrated based on the skin type of the patient (caution to ethnic skin!), and the underlying pathology is corrected. Fraxel settings for acne scars on a Caucasian patient are different from Fraxel settings on a Middle Eastern patient waning tighter skin. This is why savvy patients are never “looking for laser resurfacing near me!”, but travel from all over the world to see Dr. Tanya Kormeili. Skin rejuvenation using Fraxel requires knowledge of how deep the pathology of the condition being treated is, and how much energy can the skin of the patient tolerate during each treatment; hence fractionating the laser treatments for minimal Fraxel recovery with maximum skin rejuvenation results. Fraxel and Ultherapy can be performed on the same day or can be done within a week of each other to minimize Fraxel recovery.

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What our patients are saying:

I had rosacea that caused redness and broken vessels on my face. Dr. Kormeili addressed all of my concerns and set about fixing the redness. I was super excited after my first laser treatment as the improvement was immediately noticeable. The second laser treatment made me look and feel amazing…
N.F., La Habra

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