Welcome to My Blog: Dr. K is in the house!

Hello and welcome! So – why a blog?

Welcome to Dr. Kormeili’s dermatology blog. Dermatology is often something we don’t think about until it’s too late. Maybe it’s a skin irritation or some annoying wrinkles – hopefully it’s not as serious as skin cancer.   But whatever the situation, our skin is something we all deserve to know more about.

In this dermatology blog, we answer questions, offering what we hope will be fun and interactive education on dermatological issues (medical, surgical, and of course cosmetic!). Sharing the latest information about how to have your best skin.  With our dermatology blog ,We dive into the secrets to having great skin at any age, skin care for all skin types and ethnicity, skin cancer prevention, and much more.

We hope you’ll enjoy what you read in this dermatology blog and look forward to your thoughts, questions, and feedback.  Bookmark this page and check back often as we’ll be keeping a fresh “face”! We constantly offering you new information.  Don’t forget to join Dr. Kormeili on Instagram @DrKormeili or Facebook for tips on the run.

Dr. Tanya Kormeili will have live videos from her Santa Monica Dermatology practice in California. She covers issues that we see affecting thousands of patients just like you.  So here’s to getting your best skin yet!

Now let’s get down to it. We recommend starting out with our article on how to get the most of your dermatology visit.

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