Youthful Hands For Men Using Radiesse And Laser

Want more youthful hands? Now it’s possible to turn back the clock and reverse the signs of aging on your hands guys.

Loose, sagging skin on your hands is a big giveaway of your age. In this video, Dr. Kormeili, demonstrates how you can have stronger more youthful looking hands without surgery.

It is a fact of life that we age- and “we” includes men too!

Many men want to restore the “young and strong” look of their hands, which is replaced by fragile skin, hollow prominent look with many brown spots, as the years go by.

Treatment For Youthful Hands

The treatment is simple, comfortable and effective. A combination of Radiesse filler and laser can reverse the aged appearance and restore the healthy strong look of the hands.

Making your youthful hands last after hand rejuvenation

Since we cannot stop aging, it’s important to take simple precautions to make the results of your hand rejuvenation last longer. Dr. Kormeili makes the following recommendations:

  1. Protect your hands from the sun. This is the #1 key to maintaining your results.
  2. Wear gloves. Soap, gardening, and gardening can dry and damage your skin, which can age your hands.
  3. Remember to moisturize. Dry cracked skin can look old. Our hands can get dry after showering or with weather changes. Applying  lotion helps to lock in moisture in your skin.
  4. Keep appointments for maintenance treatments. The effects of lasers will fade eventually so it’s important to schedule follow-up treatments to help maintain your younger looking hands.


Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kormeili, a board-certified dermatologist who has experience with hand rejuvenation to discuss what will work best for you.


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