COVID Tips to Help You Stay Healthy

We wanted to come up with COVID tips to keep you safe. Much like you keeping our families and loved ones safe, is our top priority. Unfortunately, the current testing for COVID-19 has a false negative rate of 30%. That means in 30% of the times, you can be testing negative but be infectious to others! Therefore, we need social distancing.

What if I am having respiratory symptoms?

Do not panic. Do not rush into any clinic yet.

  1. Buy a pulse oximeter. This device measures your oxygenation in the lungs. If your readings are greater than 95% you are safe. Even if you test positive for COVID19, your treatment will be bed rest, fluids and symptomatic care.
  2. If you are having lower oxygen saturation, and have any history of asthma, please try your Albuterol inhaler. Avoid steroids unless you have consulted your physician. If you do well after the Albuterol and stay well, you are still safe to be at home.
  3. If you have persistent low oxygen readings, CALL YOUR DOCTOR immediately for further instructions.
  4. Do NOT take Aspirin (unless you have cardiac conditions at which case please consult your cardiologist for personal recommendations), Advil, Ibuprofen, or other NSAID medications. Tylenol (Acetaminophen) is safe. There is some data that part of the increased complication due to this virus has been due to the ingestion of these medications. Therefore, it is best not to take any steroids, or NSAID pain killers unless instructed to do so by your physician.

What is better: soap or hand sanitizers?

There is another COVID tip for you, by far soap and water is a better way to truly remove all germs. I remember looking into this in detail when we were building our new office, and everyone suggested I cut costs by not having a sink in every room. Hand sanitizers are alcohol-based and are not as effective. They are for emergencies when we don’t have access to good soap and water practices. Friction is your friend so rub them together for 20 seconds!

7 COVID Tips to Help You Stay Healthy

Proper Handwashing

This involves cleaning all aspects of the hand including under the nails, and around the thumb that is often neglected. I suggest cutting your nails shorter and not wear nail polish to be able to visualize the conditions under the nails.

Clean Cell Phones

You should be cleaning your cell phones daily and after every outing.

Saline Rinses and Gargling saltwater

There is some evidence that saline rinses of the nasal area and gargling the throat with salt water may be effective. At the very least, it can kill other types of infections. Remember, the smaller number of germs your body is fighting in each time, the better your immune system can fight off COVID19.

Stay Hydrated

Try making yourself a green smoothie daily. It hydrates you much better than simply water because it will have all minerals and vitamins, sugars and salts needed for better absorption in the gut.

Critical Medication

Make sure you have a one-month supply of any critical medication on hand. Don’t put yourself at risk for shortages should there be any. See if you can opt for mail or delivery options. Avoid pharmacies if possible- that is where the sick people are hanging out!

Adequate Sleep

Much of our immune repair and hormone regulation happens during our sleep cycle. Sleep is a vital part of living and not a waste of time!

Healthy Immune System

Avoid excessive alcohol, drugs or anything that weakens your immune system. I know how stressful these times are and how easy it is to want a little help! Try connecting virtually with friends, dancing to your favorite music, meditating or simply keeping yourself occupied not to get too depressed, anxious or bored!

Don’t forget to check out our post on staying safe while grocery shopping (COVID grocery safety tips). If you or a loved one have questions about your skin, we’d be happy to help. Dr. Kormeili began offering teledermatology appointments to help her patients continue treatment goals during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are interested in scheduling your virtual consultation, click here or call us at 310-526-8301.

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