Bridal Skin Care: Beauty Do’s and Don’ts for the Beautiful Bride!

Bridal Skin Care: Beauty Do’s and Don’ts for the Beautifying Bride!

Bridal skin care is a crucial part of the wedding process. After all, you would not want a skin disaster or botched Botox right before your wedding!

Let’s discuss how to get your skin picture perfect.

Bridal Skin Care: Do Follow These Tips

1. Schedule a dermatology consultation as soon as you get engaged. It sometimes takes several months to get results and we want to have time on your side.

2. Get a great bridal skin care regiment that includes exfoliation of dead skin with prescription retinoid creams (vitamin A), sunscreens and anti-aging products.

3. Get a chemical peel to clean out the pores, exfoliate and bring back brightness to the skin.

4. If you have acne, rosacea or any discoloration we have many treatments that help. Get yourself a customized prescription plan!

5. If you are in your 30’s or 40’s – consider a touch of Botox or filler to correct wrinkles or treatment for sunken areas as under the eye and mouth that can cause dark shadows in pictures

6. If you are changing or going on a new birth control – allow yourself time to make sure it doesn’t cause acne. It takes 1-2 menstrual cycles to know if it is right for you.

Bridal Skin Care: Don’t Do These

1. Get a random facial – some products can cause rashes and acne. If you are not used to the products being used you can find yourself having an allergic reaction. Any negative reaction could take a few weeks to clear up and for your skin to calm down.

2. Show up to a dermatologist’s office the month of your wedding wanting to “freshen up”, clear your skin, and “look younger” in a hurry. Plan it ahead so you get the best treatment plan and have time to deal with any potential complications.

3.Use harsh scrubs in an attempt to exfoliate or make your skin smoother. It causes irritation and can make you break out or cause dry skin.

4. Show up to a random party and get injectable treatments drunk! Dr Kormeili has seen such complications from medical procedures that are rendered by a poorly trained professional at a non medical setting; save yourself the complications of scarring, infection or asymmetry. Alcohol and medical treatments do not mix!

5. Don’t stress! It causes acne and wrinkles! Planning a wedding can be stressful but it is a self-imposed joy. Try not to let the stress ruin your skin health and beauty!

Congratulations you’re getting married! Let us help you with your bridal skin care needs. Call us to schedule a bridal skin consultation.


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