Crowsfeet Treatment: Ways To Prevent And Treat Crows Feet

Unfortunately, there are few ways to avoid crowsfeet. Sunglasses help decrease our need for squinting. Giving our eyes a break when squinting into computer screens can help. Patients ask however, what do I do with my crowsfeet when I smile? They are referring to crowsfeet that appear in all the photos when they smile pretty. The answer: relax the muscles that cause crowsfeet!

Treating Crowsfeet Naturally

Treating crows feet naturally involves studying the very muscles that cause those lines. Each person utilizes these muscles differently and the same injection approach can not be used on every patient. During your examination and consultation, Dr. Tanya Kormeili, carefully studies and plans your micro-droplet injection techniques to create the most natural contour.

It is important to note that even though crows feet refers to wrinkles around the eyes, injection of Botox (crowsfeet Botox), or Dysport and Xeomin into these muscle does NOT affect the vision or harm the actual eyes ever! The actual visual apparatus is hidden inside the orbital socket behind the bones approaching the visual cortex (near the brain!).

How to Avoid Crowsfeet

Other ways to avoid crows feet is to use a good sunscreen, hats and protective gear since UV rays can accelerate the aging process. However, the most important technique to avoid crows feet from getting too deep is to inject them at the very sign of their appearance, before the muscles get a chance to leave permanent damage on the overlying skin.

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