Cures for Leathery Skin, How To Improve Skin Texture

Are you looking to fix your leathery skin? “How do I fix my skin so it doesn’t looks like leather?” Have you ever wondered that too? Leathery skin is a common problem and luckily there are solutions. Here are some helpful hints we hope you enjoy!

If you have ever visited a leather factory then you can relate to Dr. Kormeili’s experience. Dr. Kormeili visited a leather factory in Morocco and was traumatized by what she saw! Needless to say, lots of harsh chemicals and extensive sun can really dry out the skin and create leathery skin.

Your skin is like a shield, it protects you from the outside elements. Our skin protects against chemicals, excessive sun, and even the cold wind. So in order to protect us, our skin takes a beating every day. Dry leathery skin is often the result when the skin loses water or oil.

If we don’t take steps to protect our skin from these elements, it will become damaged and that leathery skin tone will make us look older. Taking care of your skin also has long term benefits like preventing skin cancer.

One thing you can do to keep your skin healthy is to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen everyday (yes everyday). Another way to treat leather skin is through gentle exfoliation and applying a moisturizer every day.

Luckily for us, we can heal our skin damage (unlike the unfortunately animals that make our leather products).

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