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What is men’s self-care?

It is a myth that only women care about their health and appearance. Our society places a high value on looking young and fit. Many successful men also wish to seek skin care treatments that result in a refreshed appearance without involving scalpels! From the face and neck to hands and the body, men are among the fastest growing population opting for safe, no or minimally-invasive techniques with minimum to no downtime.

If you are a man interested in maintaining a more attractive and youthful look in a highly competitive job market you are not alone. While men don’t talk openly as much about various skin procedures, as a collective whole, Men underwent about 1 million minimally invasive cosmetic procedures in 2015, a nearly 70 percent increase compared to 2000, according to a study from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Luckily, with advancing technology, you can naturally look your best and feel your best without surgery. In fact, many of these procedures can be performed on a lunch break or need a weekend for full recovery.

Who are the right patients?

You may be interested in non-surgical rejuvenation and skincare for various reasons:
– to look good and stay competitive in the job market and succeed with a competitive edge
– fit in with younger looking peers or get you an edge in finding a new job or promotion
– look as good as your wife or girlfriend that never seems to age
– look as young as you feel inside
– You want to look confident on video conferencing calls
– You want to replace all the fat on the face lost as a result of bodybuilding and being an athlete
– You want to look relaxed and appear as confident as you feel inside, without worry-lines, facial flushing or facial sagging.
– You want to look more fit, more attractive, relaxed and confident.
– You want to have more masculine, fit and youthfully refreshed features
– You want to enhance your bone structure from chiseled cheeks to strong chin and jawline
– You want to look your best

Whatever the reasons, Dr. Tanya Kormeili specializes in non-surgical skincare treatments for men that offer natural results without undergoing the knife. You don’t have to know what services are right for you. After a careful discussion about your treatment goals, a specific plan is made just for you to address your particular concerns based on your anatomy.

Keeping men looking naturally “fit and youthful” is definitely an art. Improper use of technology or products can feminize or cause bizarre features in men. More than anything, using the right combination and proper technique is HUGE in treating men, leaving a very small margin for error. Rejuvenation of a male is, therefore, a combination of discerning eye, with skillful hands to create a personalized natural outcome for each male patient.

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What our patients are saying:

I had rosacea that caused redness and broken vessels on my face. Dr. Kormeili addressed all of my concerns and set about fixing the redness. I was super excited after my first laser treatment as the improvement was immediately noticeable. The second laser treatment made me look and feel amazing…
N.F., La Habra

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