Forehead Wrinkles: Causes And Treatment Option

Fine lines and wrinkles are almost impossible to avoid no matter how well you take care of your skin. Forehead wrinkles also known as worry lines in particular can make you appear older or unapproachable. Luckily, we can help! Dr. Kormeili explained the causes of forehead wrinkles and treatment options available.

The repeated motion of wrinkling or crinkling your forehead when you are stressed is partially responsible to those deep wrinkles. We often recommend that our patients utilize relaxation tools and techniques to help control their stress and worry.

Fraxel Forehead Wrinkles

Fraxel laser can help remove forehead wrinkles. Remember one of the causes of forehead wrinkles is aging, which means loss of collagen. Fraxel helps in the treatment of deep forehead wrinkles by inducing the body to lay down and produce new collagen and fill in the forehead lines.

Forehead Wrinkle Treatment Tips:

  1. First of all, start treatment early. It’s important to take preventative steps before the deep wrinkles on your forehead get “set” on your face.
  2. Next, use combination of Botox as well as Fraxel to reduce muscle damage that causes the deep forehead lines and to build new collagen to smooth forehead wrinkles.
  3. Additionally, wear sunscreen and minimize UV rays to the skin.
  4. Also avoid smoking.

Most importantly, it is crucial to be properly evaluated to see which treatments are right for you. If a provider uses too much Botox to treat forehead lines it can cause a droopy eye. Additionally, Botox may not be a good choice for you. Dr. Tanya Kormeili uses micro-droplets of Botox to create a natural and relaxed effect in treating forehead lines and to remove forehead wrinkles.


Please feel free to contact Dr. Tanya Kormeili’s Santa Monica office to schedule a cosmetic consultation to discuss your skin needs. If you are one of our out of town guests, please inform our office staff to help make proper arrangements for you.

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