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Are you tired of wearing light pads and feeling embarrassed?


Have you refrained from intimate life in the last months out of fear of insecurity?


Are you interested in non-surgical treatment for incontinence?



Over 200 million people worldwide are affected by incontinence. Are you one of them?

1. Do you leak urine when you cough, sneeze, or engage in sports activities?

2. Do you need to go to the bathroom often?

3. Have you refrained from intimate life in the last months out of fear of insecurity?

If you answered “yes”, you are probably suffering from urinary incontinence. The EmSella Chair also known as the “Kegel Throne” is the first device of its kind and is FDA-cleared as a non-surgical treatment for urinary incontinence in women.

The FDA-approved Emsella chair applies High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) to deeply stimulate pelvic floor muscles and restore neuromuscular control. These muscle contractions work to repair the pelvic floor to enable patients to regain bladder control.

Can you kegel like an EmSella?

One EmSella session is equivalent to 11,000 kegel contractions! 50% of women fail to contract their pelvic floor muscles correctly on their own. This is what Dr. Kormeili is here to help you improve your life, 11,000 kegel contractions at a time.

Causes Of Urinary Incontinence

  • Pregnancy. Hormonal changes and the increased weight of the fetus can lead to stress incontinence.
  • Childbirth
  • Changes with age
  • Menopause

Types of Urinary Incontinence

Urge Incontinence

  • Due to an overactive bladder. This results in frequent urination during the day, night, or both.

Stress Incontinence

  • Due to poor closure of the bladder. This is why you leak small amounts of urine when you laugh, sneeze, cough, or exercise.

Overflow Incontinence

  • Due to poor bladder contraction or blockage of the urethra. This is associated with the urge to urinate. This is also known as “irritable” or “overactive” bladder.

Functional Incontinence

  • due to medication or medical problems that make it difficult to reach the bathroom in time.


non surgical solutions for urinary incontinence

Benefits Of The EmSella Chair As Non-Surgical Treatment For Incontinence

  1. Non-invasive and non-surgical
  2. No recovery or downtime needed
  3. Remain fully clothed during a treatment
  4. Treats entire pelvic floor area in a 30-minute session

Why Patients Say “YES” To EmSella

  • Non-Surgical Treatment for Incontinence After Menopause
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation With No Downtime
  • Non-Invasive Treatment of Post-Natal Incontinence
  • Better Orgasms

The Costs Of Urinary Incontinence

In addition to the emotional costs, bladder leakage can result in a heavy financial toll on those who suffer from the condition.

financial costs of urinary incontinence

$7.6 Billion     Annual costs for women over age 65

$3.6 Billion    Annual costs for women under age 65

$900            Annual cost of dealing with urinary leakage

Surgical Treatments Range From $10,000 to $25,000


What’s the Commitment?

We know you have a busy schedule and your time is valuable to us. To get the best rest we recommend coming in 2x/week for 3 weeks to do your EmSella non-surgical incontinence treatments. By treating the root cause, you can reduce symptoms, improve your quality of life, gain confidence, and save money!

Non-Surgical Treatment For Incontinence

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