Acne Injections: The Quick Acne (Pimple) Treatment

Acne Injections Provide Quick Relief

Acne injections can provide powerful relief from zits.  Everyone has experienced it: the big juicy pimple that takes too long to heal! It can be painful, unsightly and even leave a scar behind as it heals.

Fortunately, a tiny needle can deliver small amounts of an anti-inflammatory cortisone into the lesion and help eliminate it and prevent scarring. .This done by our dermatologist who will inject a diluted corticosteroid directly into you cyst or nodule (aka your pimple or zit).  The medicine from the acne injection stays in the skin and does not have any internal side effects.

Watch this quick video to learn more about fast acting acne injections!

What To Expect From A Cortisone Acne Injection

First our dermatologist will administer a cortisone acne injections (also known as steroid shots or cyst injections) to provide rapid acne treatment. This process is quick and relatively painless.

Our acne injections will dramatically reduce inflammation and speed up healing. We also find this is especially helpful with cystic acne.

Within a few hours, your pimple will start to go down. Then about 24 hours later, your pimple will almost disappear. The process takes about 15 seconds and you wake up magically pimple-free.

Who Cannot Receive a Cortisone Shot?

We do want to provide you with 2 precautions.

First, you CANNOT use cortisone acne injections for small whiteheads, blackheads, or tiny pimples that can be extracted.

Second, if you are currently using Retin-A or have recently undergone a cosmetic procedure, you may not be the best candidate for an acne injection.

What Are the Risks of Getting An Acne Injection?

While it’s tempting to get cortisone shots regularly, we recommend that you only get cortisone shots when you absolutely need it, like if you have a pimple come up right before a special event. It’s rare, but if you get too much cortisone injected, a dimple or indentation can occur in the skin giving a sunken appearance. This indentation will resolve within a few weeks to several months time.

For continued acne breakouts, we would recommend acne treatments, which treats your specific cause of acne from the source to combat continued breakouts.

To learn more about available acne treatments, call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Kormeili.

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