Get rid of the redness, discoloration and flushing!

Aging neck and chest can remind us of our need to practice sun safety.

Necks and chests reveal our age, our sun damage and past mistakes with our skin!

Luckily, we can improve the redness, flushing and the “aged appearance” of the skin of neck and chest without any surgery!

Check out this video on ways to treat an aging neck and chest.

Aging Neck And Chest

Most of us are better at protecting our face and tend to neglect our neck and chest. As a result, we show aging neck and chest signs.

5 common signs of aging neck and chest

# 1 The Skin Doesn’t Match

This is typically the result of sun exposure. Wearing sunscreen on the face, neck, and chest is the best way to prevent discoloration of the skin. Dr. Kormeili may recommend bleaching creams or laser treatments such as Fraxel or IPL to correct the pigmentation and sun damage.

#2 Another Sign Of Aging Neck And Chest Are Brown Spots and Pigmentation

Brown spots are essentially sun damage. Rule #1, use a quality broad spectrum sunscreen that protects you from UVA and UVB rays. Use this every day and reapply if you are in water or perspire.

Treatment here would typically include skin lightening creams. Dr. Kormeili may also recommend Chemical Peels or laser treatments (IPLFraxel ) for fading brown spots on the chest.

#3 Neck and Chest are Red and Blotchy

Redness and dilated blood vessels on the chest are most often caused by sun damage.  Dermatologists typically recommend laser treatments (IPL) to treat the red spots.

#4 Wrinkles and Lines on the Chest

Sometimes some of us get wrinkles on our chest from our sleeping positions. Usually, wrinkles on the chest are a sign of sun damage. The best way to reduce chest wrinkles is by stimulating new collagen with Fraxel. Your doctor may also recommend a prescription strength anti-wrinkle cream for your chest wrinkles.

#5 Necklace Lines

These are little horizontal lines across your neck. They look like necklaces. Some patients get them as young as their 20s or 30s. Your best treatment options may be Botox and Fraxel laser treatments for neck rejuvenation.

Schedule a consultation to discuss treatment options for your aging neck and chest.

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