Dark circles under the eyes making you look tired?

Dark under eye circles make you look older and tired. In this video, Dr. Kormeili, board certified dermatologist, shows how to effectively treat dark under eye circles.

Why We Get Dark Under Eye Circles

With time, or with certain procedures like orthodontics like braces, our facial bones and fat pads change. This means our face looks sunken in, especially when they create dark under eye circles.

There are also other reasons why we may get dark circles under the eyes such as allergies or eczema. Of course, allergies and eczema may not directly cause dark circles but the itching and scratching can. Excessive rubbing leads to inflammation and may break blood vessels near the eyes. This create the appearance of darker skin under the eyes.

Treatment For Under Eye Circles

Creams, make-up and lasers even are of limited help. This is because as we hollow, the eye appears more sunken and dark under eye circles seem to stand out. This is a similar optic effect to looking down into a well – the water is not dark, but looks practically black because of the depth of the well. The dark circles caused by volume loss in the face, work the same way.

As we replace the volume, the dark shadows are removed, and the tired look is wiped away! Watch the above video to learn how Dr. Kormeili corrects under eye circles with fillers. You may want to read more about which filler is right for you. Of course, it’s also important to go to a board-certified dermatologist that has special training in injecting fillers under the eyes. Otherwise, it could be a disaster!

Contact Dr. Kormeili to discuss treatment options for your under eye circles. We’re here to help!

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