Acne Extractions

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You know those deep deep white heads that just can’t be picked off without leaving a scar on the skin? Taking care of those acne spots is a job for the professionals!

Acne extractions or acne surgery is performed by using an 11 blade (very sharp and precise angle) into the head of the follicular opening and using a dull comedone extractor to “squeeze” the contents out. There is no to little chance of scarring and immediate evacuation of the acne build up in the follicles.

Imagine a Champagne bottle with a cork! Nothing can come out or get in, while the pressure builds up in the bottle. Acne spots are filled with bacteria that are feeding off the oils inside the follicles, creating a bump that rises to the skin as an acne lesion. By clearing the “plug” and draining in the content, not only do we relieve the pressure, but also open up the “cork” to allow the medication to better enter the acne spot to kill the pesky bacteria!

It is super important to emphasize to everyone not to ever use nails or sharp objects to do this yourself unless of course, you like to be covered in scars! This is not a job for an aesthetician or the facialists either. Piercing the skin with sharp objects requires surgical training and a very clean sterilization practice not to spread lethal infections.

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