Facial Aesthetic Remodeling

Facial Aesthetic Remodeling is the key to looking naturally restored and youthful. When patients come in to our office, it is our goal to make sure they look great. To look great, all dimensions, facial shadows, muscle tone, texture, color, age, gender and subcutaneous structures must be addressed globally.

Through our cosmetic consultation we are looking at skin laxityscars, excess fat, cellulite, wrinkles, moles, skin discoloration, and the ethnic background of the patient which plays a huge role in how they respond to various treatments.

As an office, we stand for patient empowerment: looking and feeling your best. Whether it is to fight ageism in the workforce with a competitive advantage, looking great after raising children or just wanting to be your best, we understand that the natural solution is using various technologies in synchrony to produce optimal results.

As we age there is drastic change to the contour of the facial skeleton, the location of facial ligaments, skin thickness and composition of subcutaneous tissue, making the “natural look” more of an art, rather than a commodity of products purchased.

Dr. Kormeili is a leader in Facial Aesthetic Remodeling for nonsurgical procedures that provide the most advanced aesthetic enhancements to reshape the structure of the body to improve both appearance and confidence. We provide dramatic benefits without surgery and are revolutionizing the art of aging gracefully in the anti-ageing industry.

We look forward to seeing you at your consultation to see how we can help you meet your desired goals and dreams!

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