Medspa vs Dermatologist: How You Can Save Your Own Life!

Have you ever wondered about the difference between the services you get at a medspa vs dermatologist?

The Cosmetic Consult That Saved A Life

Recently when Dr. Kormeili entered her exam room, a beautiful woman jumped up to greet her. “I read such nice things about you online, and wanted you to laser off these ugly brown spots for me.”  During further discussion, she told Dr. Kormeili how a local medical spa has offered her a discount to remove all the brown spots on her face and the one on her back “for one low price”.

Dr. Kormeili was intrigued. “On your back, huh? Do you mind if we do a complete skin exam as long as you are here?”

She did indeed have a ¼ inch slightly brownish non raised spot on the back. “I got this one from Cabo!” she giggled, “But, I wear sunscreen now!”

Here is a moment of glory where being a dermatologist – you know the 13 years of schooling to get there – pays off HUGE dividends. Dr. Kormeili knew it was no ordinary freckle. It was not your average “melanoma-looking spot.”

Sure enough, the biopsy (sampling of the skin under the microscope for evaluation of the cells) results confirmed it was a melanoma, a dangerous skin cancer.  Dr. Kormeili was horrified that another doctor, nurse or spa practitioner would have missed this spot.  This lady did not need a “laser coupon” or “discounted-special package” – she needed a surgery to save her life!

Dr. Kormeili looks at her now, stitches removed, the melanoma cured, a big smile on her face. We can’t image the alternate universe in which she, a gorgeous and friendly young woman, would not have made it to 40. And yes, we did get rid of her primary concerns of “ugly brown spots” on the face too, in time.  But by having a skin check she literally saved her own life. It was that easy.

Medspa vs. Dermatologist: Moral of this story

You don’t hire an electrician to do your plumbing, or hire a poolman to build you a roof, nor do you take your expensive car to an unauthorized mechanic; so why do that with your health?

We live in a city filled with great experts. Put them to use! Get the best cardiologist for your complicated heart condition, consult the well trained allergist for that horrible sinus pain that doesn’t go away, and get your very own dermatologist to care for your skin, hair and nails.

There is no substitute for a skin check. Look at your moles and watch the ones on your loved ones too. Report any new, changing or odd moles to your dermatologist right away, and plan an annual check so a qualified professional is monitoring your body as it grows and changes.

You deserve to live!

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