Brown ‘moles’ on the face. Getting rid of little brown bumps on the face!

Tired of those little brown face bumps? In this video, Dr. Kormeii, a board-certified dermatologist, demonstrates how to safely get rid of the little brown bumps on the face.

African American or ethnic skin is particularly affected by these little brown bumps on the face, called DPN’s: Dermatosis Papulosis Nigra. They can appear in clusters and cause uneven skin tone. The good news is that they are treatable! Treatment is safe, painless and effective!

These brown facial bumps are not cancerous or of medical concern. Sometimes these spots may become irritated or itchy. Dermatologists refer to these as ‘moles’ but they are not really moles. While they are not medically concerning, many patients find them to be cosmetically undesired.

These ‘moles’ may look similar to freckles but they rise above the skin surface like a skin tag, while freckles are flat.

DPN, Freckles, Or Moles


These are abnormal clusters of melanin or skin pigment. Freckles usually get worse or more prominent with too much sun exposure. They are commonly found on your nose, shoulders, arms, and upper back.


Moles are usually wider than freckles and slightly raised. They can be round or abnormally shaped. Not all moles are cancerous. However, whenever you get a new mole or spot, or a mole begins to change in size, shape, or color, it’s important to see your dermatologist.

To slow the spread of these brown face bumps or ‘moles’ dermatologists recommend using a broad-spectrum sunscreen everyday. One treatment that really helps is gentle exfoliation through the use of chemical peels.

To learn more about your treatment options, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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