How to Cure Bad Skin

Tips on how to cure bad skin are provided by Dr. Kormeili, board-certified dermatologist in Santa Monica, CA.

What is bad skin?

 As a dermatologist, Dr. Kormeili defines bad skin as skin that is unhealthy. Bad skin or unhealthy skin has diseases such as acne, skin cancer, or a lot of sun damage.

Treatment options

Your dermatologist will recommend specific skin care products and a personalized skin care regimen to treat your skin.
The first sign of health is having no skin cancer, so if you have any spots or moles, please see your dermatologist to identify any possible skin cancers and treat them early. Early detection could save your life.
It’s also important to note that our lifestyle also influences how our skin looks. So be mindful of what you eat (avoid fried, greesy foods). Make sure to hydrate and drink enough water everyday.
If you’re a smoker, please quit. Not only is it bad for your overall health but it also increases wrinkles around your mouth.
Of course, there are many cosmetic procedures available to help change your skin aesthetically. We have creams, lasers, chemical peels, and injectable cosmetics.
We hope you enjoyed this video on how to cure your skin. Feel free to browse other topics such as hair loss causes and, and how to get rid of shiny skin and breakouts.
For more personalized skin care suggestions, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Kormeili.
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