Baby Boomer Skin: How to stop “looking older” with aesthetic dermatology

Baby boomer skin care concerns are increasing. Baby boomers are asking: how do I take care of my skin? How do I keep my “good looks” with our looking “plastic?”

In this interview, Dr. Kormeili discusses how to take care of baby boomer skin.

Understanding Baby Boomer Skin

Dr. Kormeili discusses the various components involved in making us look old. The first component is dynamic or static wrinkles, some of our wrinkles appear because of physical changes to our skeletal structure.

The second component is volume (we lose so much volume as we age). By replacing the volume we can correct for this sign of aging.

The third component is coloring and texture. As we age, our skin tone changes. We have brown spots, red spots, and maybe even white spots. By coloring the skin’s coloring and texture we can make baby boomer skin look younger as well.

The final component is laxity or how quickly the skin goes back to its place. As we age, our skin loses its ability to “bounce” back.

Dr. Kormeili also provides 3 guidelines and safety tips with regards to using chemical peels to fix aging skin. Please watch the informative video above to learn about these guidelines for using chemical peels safely.

You can also find out what critical questions to ask before getting a chemical peel. As well as discussing how laser technology may be used to correct the signs of aging.

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