Introducing The Lotion Sutra! How To Apply Sunscreen Sexy

Tired of us dermatologists nagging you about sunscreen use? We know! We know! To be honest, Dr. Kormeili was tired of nagging patients about it too. So, what if taking care of your skin in the sun was fun – and a little flirty? Learn more about sun safety and how to apply sunscreen with Lotion Sutra!

The fact is the incidence of melanoma skin cancer has doubled in the U.S. in the last 30 years and will rise unless Americans take more precautions to protect themselves from dangerous UV rays. Fortunately, Melanomas account for only 2% of skin cancers, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Other skin Cancers that are more common include Basal Cell Skin Cancer and Squamous Cell Skin Cancer. While usually locally invasive only, they are important to detect and treat.

We thought of ways to making sun safety more fun. Here are ways to apply sunscreen while being flirty.

The Lotion Sutra: 6 Sexy Poses For Safe Sun

The Ears

Hear this, men’s ears are not covered since they have short hair. They are at risk for deformity causing skin cancer. So grab your man and rub some sunscreen on his ears while giving him those sultry eyes.

The Back

Bring sexy back by not having your turn pink (or red). Partner up and rub some sunscreen on each other’s backs. Don’t forget the lower back!

The Feet

You can forget those cute shoes if you have burned the soles of your feet. So kick up your foot and ask your partner to massage them with sunscreen.

The Neck

Imagine kissing your partner’s neck and then following it up with your fingers rubbing sunscreen. Nobody likes kissing a lobster red neck. So be sexy and safe!

The Stomach

When you stretch out even the tiny folds in even flat abs become exposed to sunburns. Just imagine the sexy ways you can cover each other’s tummy with sunscreen.

The Lips

Yikes! Talk about the kiss of death! Cancers of the lip are 30% more likely to spread to other parts of the body. So keep those kissable lips soft and safe with SPF Chapstick.

Enjoy and please use responsibly!

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