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What is a thread lift?

As we age, we lose volume and elasticity of the skin. As we get older, our bodies gradually produce less and less collagen- up to almost 80% collagen loss by the age of 80! This causes the skin to look “fallen” and “saggy!”

Threadlift is a procedure in which we use sutures (made out of sugar!) to pull up areas of the skin where it has laxity or drooping. Much like the sutures used in surgery during a facelift, these sutures are placed under the skin – without having to actually open up the skin as is done in invasive surgery. This subtle non-surgical lift can help with contouring of the face (cheeks, jawline and the neck area) as well as the lifting of the eyelids and eyebrows without having to undergo extensive cosmetic surgery or general anesthesia.

The sutures are placed carefully under the skin to create a subtle natural pull that makes the skin look lifted and more youthful. The PDO thread is left in place, creating an instantaneous, gentle, but quite dramatic lift. Essentially, instead of removing the loose skin as is the case with a facelift, it is simply suspended and pulled back with sutures under the skin.

As an additional bonus, as the sutures begin to dissolve they help stimulate the body’s own collagen, which is the key in any rejuvenation process. This means that there will be a natural rejuvenation process in your tissue subsequent to the placement of the threads.

Threads serve three purposes:

  1. Lifting
  2. Adding volume
  3. Improving texture

We choose the right combination of threads in various areas of the body to create the lifting and rejuvenation effects desired.

Some areas where threads can be used:

  1. Eyebrow and eyelid lift
  2. Improving facial hollows
  3. Treating smoker’s lines, folds, mid-face lifts
  4. Treating fine wrinkles
  5. Contouring the cheeks, jawline, and neckline
  6. Improving texture and wrinkles on the neck, chest, abdomen, knees, and thighs

PDO threads are absorbable surgical sutures used in the body for years and PDO sutures have been proven safe for use. After placing the PDO sutures, your skin will fully absorb the sutures within 4 to 6 months and won’t leave any scar tissue behind. It will, however, replace it with your own collagen that will aid in natural tissue rejuvenation!

PDO thread lifts have very little to no downtime. There may be some swelling, bruising, redness, or mild tenderness after the procedure. The discomfort usually resolves within hours to days and can be controlled with ice packs, head elevation, and over-the-counter painkillers. Excessive movement or exercise in the area of the treatment is discouraged. Additionally, we suggest avoiding saunas, dental surgery, and facials for a few weeks after the PDO Threadlift.

PDO Thread Lift is not very painful because it is only minimally invasive We use proper anesthesia locally to numb your skin to make it comfortable. You may experience minimal bruising or no bruising at all.

Unlike surgery, thread lifts are reversible and customizable to each person’s anatomy.

You can not see or feel the threads after they have been placed. Initially, there might be some tightness or swelling which resolves in a few days to less than 2 weeks from the treatment, depending on the type of PDO threads placed.

“Thread lift” PDO (Polydioxanone) is made of a dissolvable material similar to natural sugar. As it dissolves, it causes natural rejuvenation and improvement in skin health.

Unlike dermal fillers, there has never been a case of blindness due to PDO threads. This makes PDO threads a particularly great choice for areas of high risk for blindness or vascular accidents.

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are a special medical grade suture material that dissolves under the skin. During the process, it also helps generate new healthy collagen which results in tightening and rejuvenation.

Imagine a solid tiny suture that is on a hook that is placed under the skin and used to lift up the areas that are sagging!

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What our patients are saying:

I had rosacea that caused redness and broken vessels on my face. Dr. Kormeili addressed all of my concerns and set about fixing the redness. I was super excited after my first laser treatment as the improvement was immediately noticeable. The second laser treatment made me look and feel amazing…
N.F., La Habra

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