Skin Safety: Non-Itchy Mystery Rash Leads To Life-Saving Diagnosis!

Skin Safety: Non-Itchy Mystery Rash Leads To Life-Saving Diagnosis!

We’d like to take a moment to emphasize skin safety. There are moments in every doctor’s life where you just feel so gratified because you have done exactly what you set out to devote your career to do: save a life!

A gentleman was forced to see Dr. Kormeili by his wife for a spot on his face that was growing. He initially declined a full skin exam saying, “I hate doctors!”

Fortunately, after a few minutes of chatting with Dr. Kormeili, he felt comfortable enough to trust her to do a full skin check, where she found a large patch of red scaly skin. He told Dr. Kormeili that this has been a rash that doesn’t bother him for years.

Take Home Skin Safety Point #1:

A rash that doesn’t heal is a potential skin cancer unless proven otherwise. Dr. Kormeili performed a skin biopsy in which the skin removed to be examined under the microscope. The biopsy revealed melanoma!

Dr. Kormeili and the patient were both shocked. Melanomas are potentially fatal skin cancers and are usually pigmented and nonscaly. This melanoma had clearly not read the textbook as to what it should present itself as!

Skin Safety Take Home Point #2:

Not all melanomas look like the textbook pictures – so don’t be fooled. The great news is that this lovely gentleman has had the melanoma removed, and given its early detection should have a normal lifespan.

Dr. Kormeili was so touched that he trusted her with his care, given his fear of the medical community, and honored to have been able to save his life. The grateful tears from his wife still bring tears to Dr. Kormeili’s eyes.

Skin Safety Take Home Point #3:

Get your skin checked out often and when in doubt a biopsy can save a life.

We recommend that everyone get routine skin checks to ensure skin safety. Schedule your skin exam today.

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