Bowen’s Disease

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Bowen’s Disease is a superficial skin cancer that has not invaded the top layer of the skin. It may mimic eczema or a fungal infection. The key to treating Bowen’s Disease is the immediate diagnosis. If left untreated, Bowen’s disease can advance into squamous cell carcinoma. It is therefore very important to have regular skin exams by a dermatologist and report any non-healing lesions or spots for immediate evaluation.

Many safe and effective treatments exist for Bowen’s disease depending on the size, location, and preference of the patient. Early diagnosis and treatment prevent the spread of the Bowen’s disease or its further degeneration into invasive squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer. Mohs Micrographic Surgery is one ideal potential treatment for this type of cancer.

Any non-healing spots can be an early skin cancer, such as Bowen’s disease, which can be treated easily if diagnosed early. Please, schedule your skin cancer check today.

The best treatment plan requires a thorough evaluation and diagnosis. Please call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kormeili.

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