Skin Biopsy

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Skin Biopsy Santa Monica CA

This is not to be confused to an autopsy – where tissue is removed from a dead person for evaluation!

During a skin biopsy, we remove a small piece of skin, and send it for evaluation under the microscope. This procedure is performed in order to diagnose, and not to treat the condition. Using the information from the biopsy, the cells under the microscope, we can help treat the condition because we can understand it better.

As the patient, you will experience a small “Prick” from the needle, which delivers a small amount of local anesthetic into the lesion. After that point, you will not feel any pain. The risks to this procedure include bleeding, scarring and possible infection. We are equipped to handle any complications or diagnosis arising from the biopsy.

Getting a biopsy earlier means earlier treatment, and in the case of skin cancers, it can translate into much better health outcomes.

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