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woman with crowsfeet
The purpose of both dermal fillers and Botox is to achieve a desired aesthetic in a way that’s minimally invasive. Both of these procedures are cosmetic in nature and involve injections. However, there are significant differences. Given that millions of dermal filler and Botox procedures take place every year throughout the United States, it’s good to understand how they differ. For starters, dermal fillers are often used to fill areas that have become thinner as
Almost everyone’s heard about Botox, but fewer people have heard of Botox alternatives like Dysport. Although they’re very similar, some patients can benefit from one over the other. It’s important to know your options if you’re considering injectable treatments, so here’s a quick guide to these two popular treatments. What is Botox? Botox (scientifically known as botulinum toxin) is a compound that is used to prevent muscles from contracting. A diluted form of Botulinum toxin-A
Are you struggling with acne scars or have persistent acne? There may be a new treatment option for you that is not only exciting but may stop all the acne issues that you are experiencing. Millions of Americans struggle with acne each day, and here at Dr. Tanya Kormeili Dermatology, we offer surgical, medical, and cosmetic treatment options to treat your acne effectively. This exciting treatment method does not only help in reducing acne, but
photofacial benefits
Who doesn’t want glowing and beautiful skin? In fact, most women want to wear make up because they want to, not because they have to! Men don’t want the sunspots to give them an old and tired appearance either. Dr. Kormeili discusses photofacial benefits and how this procedures helps you create beautiful glowing skin. Photofacial Benefits: 5 Facts You Need To Know Photofacials refers to using a special type of light (IPL) that targets mostly pigment
various types of brown spots
So many brown spots! Are there different types of brown spots? There are so many words to describe skin discoloration and sun damage. And the reason is simple. Everyone values clear healthy skin, and we won’t stop talking about it until we have clear skin, and sun damage reversal! In fact, there is not a day that patients don’t come to our office, expressing their frustration in wanting to reverse sun damage. 3 Types Of Brown
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